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I love this site. I have a Brinkman ECB. I cooked a chicken last week and it was great.

I wanted to cook ribs for Fathers Day and had a major problem. I put the ribs on at 8:45am and at 11am I used my Taylor meat thermometer and the ribs were at 165 degrees.

I spent some extra money and install a temp. gauge instead of using the on with the ECB. The gauge read 210 degrees. There was a little wind and about 85 degree's outside.

I ended up wrapping them in foil and coated them with some apple juice.
Could someone give me an idea of what I may have done wrong?

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads.
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Well Funk, you were off to a great start, but you need to plan for about 6 hours for a rib smoke. Check out the Pork Forum and read up on the 3-2-1 method of pork spare ribs.

BTW-Welcome to Smoking Meat Forum. You'll find a lot of useful tips and ideas here.

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I was planning on six hours and that is why I am wondering what went wrong.

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Re: Newbie

Did you have your waterpan full?
With the ECB having the heat source directly under the meat, sometimes things can cook a bit quickly (I assume that's the trouble you were talking about)
Other than that, Dutch is right..read the threads on the 3-2-1 method. I have used it since I first read it on the board and have never had a problem with a rib since.

- If you are cooking baby-backs, the method may need to be adjusted to decrease the times -

If I am doing baby-backs I will adjust the temp rather then the time..cook at about 180 for the first 3 hours to make sure I can apply smoke for a full 3 hours.

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