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Twice smoked

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Hi, my name's Robert, and I live in the northern neck of Virginia (not to be mistaken with Northern Virginia, where the liberals reside!) and I'm new to this smoker deal. I bought a Masterbuilt 7-in-1 smoker at Bass Pro Shop in Charlotte while at the Coca Cola 600, and have used it twice, only because there have only been two weekends since then. It's one of the round stainless ones similar to the Brinkman.

Whoever came up with the 3-2-1 formula made me look like a pro. I used alder wood to smoke three racks of back ribs, and they were absolutely fall-off-the-bone wonderful Thanks!

Today I smoked two butts, and they turned out great! Thanks for all the tips on time, temp, etc.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this and trying different recipes, different woods and different meats.
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Re: Twice smoked

Welcome aboard, Robert!
Sounds like you are off to a great start on a super hobby! Pretty soon you'll find that your new hobby will become a passion. This is THE place to be for learning new tips'n tricks about the art of smoking. We're a real friendly bunch and get along better than most families.
Take some time to browse through the different threads and you'll be amazed at the amount of information available. And if you have a question please ask!
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Re: Twice smoked

Howdy Robert. I used to have the cousin to your smoker. There're very veristle. I used it as a smoker and a grill. Glad to hear that your smoking sessions were good. Keep on! :D
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Re: Twice smoked

Hi Robert, welcome to SMF, You'll find the folks here are very "Liberal" with sharing thier recipes and smoking secrets.

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Re: Twice smoked

Welcome to SMF Robert. As you have discovered already, there is a lot of useful knowledge in this forum. Check out tulsajeff's Smoking Basics Course, it's is an excellent resource to get you started out right. Like Monty mentioned, if you have questions about smoking foods, just ask. Folks here will be glad to help you along.
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yo hamburger dude,
once you add spices to your hamburger----
its sausage!

i luv this place
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