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fish hash

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hello everyone

with leftover smoked salmon, halibut, or other smoked fish i like to eat the leftovers for breakfast i fry some potatos or you can use a bag of hashbrowns from the store add a little onion remove bones from fish break the fish up into small pieces and mix with potatos brown and serve with eggs over easy

8 oz of left over smoked fish the more fish the better
1/8 onion
potatos fried or a bag of hashbrowns

brown the onion and potatos first add the fish when potatos are done mix cover let fish get warm and serve
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Re: fish hash

Sounds like one heck of a good breakfast! Going to do a bit of fishing this weekend. This area has several very deep and cold lakes which harbor good sized lake trout and landlocked salmon. Thanks for the recipe and a great idea!
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IF I have left over salmon, I like to mix it up with a little dill pickle relish, some mayo and a pinch of dry mustard. Spread on some whole wheat bread or on a bagel and I'm in heaven!
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