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Smoked scrapple

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Has anyone ever smoked scrapple? I learned about the fatties here on the forum and thought smoking scrapple would be similar. Might have to throw some in this weekend...
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Well, since scrapple is a mixture of pork and cornmeal and everyone knows that pork loves smoke, :D I don't see why it wouldn't work. I'm not sure how the cornmeal will take to smoke -(will be too much or not enough?). If you can posts some pictures we'd appreciate it.

See, Michelle-Fresh faces brings fresh ideas!! That what makes this place so great!!
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Re: Smoked scrapple

I am thinking I'm going to have to throw some scrapple on when I start a smoke on friday.

Has anyone tried this yet? Any word on the results?
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yo y,all
i have a new meat shopp since im at my honeys .

they have homemade scrapple.

so im very intewrested in this thread
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Must be one of them "Northern" thangs
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It is Rodger, here is a bit about scrapple. . .

Scrapple is strongly associated with Philadelphia and neighboring eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Among the Pennsylvania Dutch and in Appalachia, scrapple is known as pawn haas or pon haus. It can be found in most supermarkets throughout this region in both fresh and frozen refrigerated cases. It can sometimes be found in cities farther from this area — even as far away as Los Angeles — in frozen form.
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Re: Smoked scrapple

Hey Dutch,

i'm with you on the scrapple thing (Scrapple
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Scrapple is a savory mush in which cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, are simmered with pork scraps and trimmings, then formed into a loaf. Small scraps of meat left over from butchering, too small to be used or sold elsewhere, were made into scrapple to avoid waste, a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.
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Re: Smoked scrapple

Sorry guys, but the definition by Wikipedia sounds like the recipe for SPAM :mrgreen:
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yo yall,
ive been to spam cook offs in houston texas and lafeyette louisianna.

yumm ----with eggs
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Re: Smoked scrapple

So I guess noone has ever tried actually doing this since I've gotten no word on results. Not to worry I'm starting up the smoker tonight and throw some on. Dutch must be right though because here in delaware I can find scrapple in every grocery store, wawa, and gas station convience store around.

I'll tell you though it's sure hard to find good woods to smoke with here though :roll: , luckily HD has some just small selection. But this is for another thread, sorry.

I'll post some scrapple results on saturday. Happy smoking over the weekend!
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Re: Smoked scrapple

going to do some pulled pork this weekend, I will throw some scrapple and a fatty in...I've already smoked a SPAM chunk which turned out pretty good, considering I never eat the stuff! The description from wikipedia doesn't really do scrapple justice...as we say here in PA, it's everything but the squeal...now doesn't that sound better?? Nothing better on a winter morning than scapple hot from the panabout 3/8 of an inch thick fried crispy on both sides...people here use a couple different condiments with it, syrup, horseradish, ketchup, or cocktail sauce...some restaurants try to hasten the cooking by deep frying, but I think it loses much of the pork flavor...
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Re: Smoked scrapple

Glad to see another scrapple eater. That's exactly how I make it to. A lot of times I see it just warmed through with no crusty outside. I still eat it but I could be happier about it. I'm quite particular about the way the scrapple is cooked some I wonder if smoking it will be good, but I'm willing to try and smoke nearly anything.
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Re: Smoked scrapple

SCRAPPLE? Isn't that a board game? :lol:
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Hey Tommy, that's S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E that's the board game! :D
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Re: Smoked scrapple

I know Earl....I was kiddin' :D
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Re: Smoked scrapple

I didn't get a chance to smoke this weekend :( Did anyone else try the scrapple??
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Re: Smoked scrapple

Yes, I did. They came off the smoker at the same time as a bunch of fatties and potatoes. And everything was spectacular. The scrapples stays very moist on the inside and gets a great crust. But as I was saying earlier I like it sliced and crusty all the way around and soft in the middle. So once it was cooked I sliced some and threw it on the grill to a little crust going on any edge that didn't have it. We made some scrapple sandwiches which just means we threw some cheese on there and put it in a bun, and ketchup of course.

Actually the scrapple took on a little smoke ring to. Not much because it doesn't take long to cook. I think I might have a picture of it but I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet.

Next time I might get one of the really big scrapples and slice it first then smoke. I think the crust would form just in time for the middle to get cooked.

But I definitely suggest anytime you pick up some fatties, go ahead and grab a brick of scrapple.

Happy Smoking
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Re: Smoked scrapple

Here was the breakfast food. Potatoes, fatties, and one of the two scrapples are in the bottom right! It was delicious.
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scrapple has to be very crispy for me. I think I could deal with it smoked, then sliced and fried as usual to crisp it up. Might give that a try!
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Re: Smoked scrapple

I'm going to try slicing it then smoking, almost like hamburgers. Because the skin does get pretty crisp, and pork takes a smoke flavor quite easily.
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