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new guy

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Hi every one
Lookin forward to chattin with every body.
I live up in Oshawa Ontario Canada and I am new to the smoking scene.
I make my own sausages from scratch, have been for about 3 years; and even if I do say so myself....they are a really good product in the end. I have lots of recipes for pork beef etc and wild game some tried some not. I use an Italian electric grinder and bulk manual stuffers mostly because they are easy to get up here and reliable.
I hope to get as knowledgable with the smoker and with a little help from every one on smokin-meat forum maybe I will get there some day.
I will eat anything once twice if it's good. I do most of the cookin at my house not because my wife doesn't,,,
I just won't let her in my kitchen :D, MY DOMAIN :lol:
have a nice day and talk with ya on the forums

The Gremlin cooks
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Re: new guy

Hi Gremlin, Welocme to SMF, I use to use my grandmothers hand crank sasuage maker and she had a wine bottle neck that was sanded smooth, she would place the casing on the neck of the bottle and fill them bu filling the neck of the bottle half and pushing the meat into the sasuage with her fingers. I've done that for years but nolonger. I use the Kitchen Aid.. Buti still have her equipment. <she was born in Italy, never spoke english here> well.. good to have you aboard.

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Hey Gemlin, nice avatar!! :D Thank for the intro.
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Thanks Earl.
The picture was pretty much all I got (and I downloaded that off the net) after loaning my rifle to buddie to hunt Caribou. A steak or two woulda bin nice LOL
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