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hi everyone. I'm from Monroe, La, 53 yrs old and cook on a Brinkman Smoke N Pit Smoke King Deluxe that I have converted to cook with gas and charcoal and wood.

Looking forward to talking to some other Smoker nuts.

I have a 10# brisket marinating in the fridge for next Friday night. 8)
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yo monroe dude,
im glad to meet you!
your modified COOKER sounds way cool.
this is the place to meet "smoker nuts"[i quote you]
if you have pictures of internal works of
your smoker, i think all here would like to see it.

im SURE i say for everyone already here
welcome to the smoking meat forum!
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Re: new member

Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums, cajunsmoker. You'll find plenty of smoker nuts here.

The modifications to your Smoke N Pit sounds interesting. If you haven't noticed already~We like pictures! :D So if you can "show and tell" us what you did to your smoker we would really appreciate it.
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Re: new member

Hi Larry and Earl.

Just got in from a hard day's work and checked out the forum.

My camera is busted right now and wife is deciding which one to get to replace it. :roll: When WE make our mind up I will post pictures.

I can tell you that I am a plumber and HVAC contractor so I am familiar with gas and controls. I took the gas valve from a wall furnace, the thermostat from an electric range and the burner from an LP water heater and made my smoker do what I wanted it to do.

What I wanted it to do was hold a constant heat for as long as I wanted it to 200 - 250 deg. and have the capacity to apply smoke to a lot of meat.
This configuration seems to work great.

I previously had problems getting this smoker to hold a constant temp above 150 deg. It would heat up good but cool off in about 2 hours. My wife said fix it or we would go out to eat BBQ. :shock: Tried the adjusting of the air thing, but it just never seemed to work right with this particular smoker, however I like the way the smoker is layed out. Here is a picture of the original smoker from Brinkman.

I guess you have to open the attachment as I can't seem to insert a picture into text!
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