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Very informative post. I live in Michigan and have an interest in smoking with woods from my own property. I plan to have seasoned pieces of all my good woods for smoking next year, but I really want to smoke with two of them, red oak and red maple, next week. I cut some of each into 1-2 inch thick disks and dried them in my homemade electric smoker at about 240 degF until they stopped steaming plus one additional hour. Aside from the energy cost, what are the downsides to this? The maple was branch wood from a tree cut down in December. The oak was branch wood from a branch that fell last year.

I do this all the time with maple and it will work just fine.

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Thanks timberjet. I chipped it up today with a hatchet and a chopping block. The maple bark peeled off really well and the wood chipped nicely.

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Thanks for the insight on types of wood to use.  Any suggestions on suppliers for unique wood types in large quantities?

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Acacia Coa is what he said it was. Perhaps he's mistaken. Here's a pic of a couple pieces. Very dense and heavy. Looks like Mesquite right?


So glad that got cleared up. I can't imagine using Koa to smoke. I'm sure it would be tasty but that stuff is expensive.


Makes some gorgeous guitars as well as mentioned


Need to take some pics of mine I guess but this is a pic of my usual player (Taylor T5 Custom Koa)


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Sea grape?
I live in south Florida. Growing up we used sea grape to smoke mostly fish but have used it on ribs also. Anyone else use sea grape to smoke?
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Question, i cut a pecan tree down 2 wks ago and was planning on waiting 6 months till i use it- but will it be ok to use it now? Im all out of cured wood and dont want to buy cured wood since i have 2 truckloads of pecan wood in my backyard. Im smoking a brisket if it matters.
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If the tree was alive or not long dead when you cut it down, the wood will still be green and not good for smoking. But you can season some of it by cutting it to the size of pieces that you will be using and then baking it at no higher than 300 degrees in your oven until it stops making steam.

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Hey. Up here in Canada we don't get hickory or mesquite or pecan. Even oak is hard to find. Apple, cherry and Maple all day. Where do you order that wood and how much do you have to buy? like a cord?

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My friend would love to help you out with some wood for smoking,,in the form of either sticks and/or chips, from PECAN wood...he is willing to deliver it as well if one so desires..any hhelp to expand my business would be greatly appreciated...THANK YOU. & MERRY CHRISTMAS
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This was very helpful 

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