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ECB? Good enough?

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"ECB stands for El Cheapo Brinkman"

LOL. OK. I was only recently made aware of this definition.

I'm considering getting a Brinkmann Vertical charcoal/wood smoker (the one that looks like a Safe).

Is this 'El Cheapo' good enough to get the job done right? I really don't like the 'bullet' style somkers. I prefer the design of this one mainly becuase of the big front door for easy access to the food/water/charcoal.

What are your guys' opinions on the ECB Vertical charcoal smoker? It's probably tops on my choice list right now, so any feedback either way would be helpful & appreciated.
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Re: ECB? Good enough?

The original term "ECB" referred to the Brinkmann bullet type water smoker that you could buy for less that $50.00- but for some reason "ECB" has been used to describe (erroneously) any Brinkmann smokers.

In regards to a vertial smoker, Anything with a door on it works for me as for getting the food in and out of the smoker.
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yo frag monger dude,
it sounds like you've given this some thought.
easy access is a definate plus.
what ever your decision--
---someone experienced will advise you---
someone here said its not the cooker--its the cook.
aint this place great.

myself-i luv my bullet electric water smoker.
i hope to always have one.
it can feed 6 easily.
on small pieces of meat.
i got my char-broil at home depot for 75 bucks.
char- broil has temp control [like elec fry pan]
depending on weather--heat is -low to high
about 150 to 245 degrees

it also can do any 2 of this group at same time. [2 racks]
i put these on bottom rack
a. 8 lb brisket-----
b. 7 lb boston butt + 1 fatty---
c. lamb shoulder roast.
i put these on top rack ----top rack has a little more height.
d. up to 12 lb turkey. [i try for 10 lb myself]
e. up to 10 lb ham
f. rack of st.louis style ribs [standing on edge]
g. 2 small chicken fryers
i dont have any experience with venison or goat.
sooner or later this will change.

if i **BUY** another smoker,
it WILL be a wide bodied G.O.S.M.S. [gas fired]

thats my 2 cents, and im sticking to it.
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