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New Member - Alan Dunn From Southern Utah. After saying for years I was going to learn the finer points of BBQ, I finally broke down and hit up Cabelas and bought one of their electric smokers last sunday.

We live in the desert, about 90 minutes from Las Vegas. We, meaning my wife Robyn and 3 daughters - Megan, Wendy and Brianna. We like to RV, and we dutch oven cook pretty regularly, and this seemed like the next step.

All this talking of ribs and brisket, smoked salmon.... im drooling like a pavlovian dog!

Im excited to learn to cook this way. Its also very nice to meet you all!
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Howdy Alan and welcome to SMF. This is a great place to learn those finer points you were talking about. It's a great site with friendly folks. So glad you decided to join.
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Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums Alan. I too am an Iron Head (DO'er) I've been cooking in them since my youngest daughter was a newborn and now she's 21! Since I've been smoking my foods I've kind of neglected my ovens.

Check out the forum on electric smokers for tips and trick and don't forget to sign-up for tulsajeff's Smoking Basics eCourse-there some good info there too.
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I also want to welcome you to the forum. I've learned a ton here and I'm sure you will too. And, as Earl pointed out, be sure to look at Jeff's Smoking Basics course.
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