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New Member from S. Louisiana

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Hello Ya'll,

Just found this place and what a great sight. I was actually looking around for some ideas on building a smokehouse when I wound up here.

I've been smoke'n & grill'n most of my life and just love it. I was born and raised in Texas and grew up on mesquite, which I still use alot of today but also quite a bit of hickory, just depends on what I'm cooking.

Like I said earlier I found this sight this afternoon and haven't been able to leave it alone. Lots of great recipes and great ideas.

I think I've found a new home and some new friends.

By the way, my original intention today was to check out some smokehouses
Nothing big or fancy, just something for the backyard to play around with. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forum! We're glad you are here! I think you will find a fine group of floks here who are more than gald to share information. I really enjoy the forum and feel certain that you will too. By the way, what are you cooking on these days and what is the product? Please keep us posted and don't forget the pix. Again, welcome and let us hear from you often.
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Re: New Member from S. Louisiana


Thanks for the welcome. Sorry it took awhile to get back to you but I'm on 24hr. call and when the phone rings I get busy. Tonight I've got some Redfish filets that I'm marinating in Italian dressing. They'll be going in the smoker here in a couple of hours along with some sliced zuchini and asparagos (every now & then my wife thinks we need to eat a little heart healthy). Which isn't too bad I guess, she's kept me around for about 30yrs.

Once I get this smokehouse going I'll post a few pics.

Thanks Again,

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Re: New Member from S. Louisiana

Rooster, Welcome to SMF. This is THE best site for smoking food. tulsajeff has done an outstanding job in laying the foundation for this board and the folks that post here are really great. I have a link for smokehouse plans on my other 'puter-when I get home I'll try to remember to post it for you.
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Hey Roger,
That heart healthy food sounds great. I'm a real fan of seafood and especially Redfish. How did it turn out? Also, any pix?
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Howdy Rodger. Just wanted to add my welcome. If your still looking for plans for somkehouses I know there are a couple of threads that discuss them on here. Just use the search tool at the bottom left of the page to find them.
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Re: New Member from S. Louisiana

Hi Rooster, just read your post.

I'm from North Louisiana.

What you cooking for Memorial Day weekend?
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