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Smoked my first meatloaf yesterday with a brand new sauce
recipe and boy did it turn out good
who would have thought ,meatloaf in a smoker
wish I would have found this site a long time ago .
Thanks Todd
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yo dude,
give us the recipe!

aint this place great
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No fair, he is cooking good que and won't share the recipe or pictures. Now instead of beer can chicken I want meatloaf. This is not fair!!!
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Re: meatloaf

sorry for the delay , I haven't been on for a while .
But there is no secret just your standard meatloaf seasoning
that you buy at the store and follow directions on seasoning packet
and put it on one of those non stick grills for cooking fish or a vegtable basket they have holes in them so the meat dosen't fall through
and put on smoker for about 3 hours or 165 degrees or so.
when it gets almost done I'll put a coat of sauce on top and let it finish cooking .
real easy to fix and real good eatin'.
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