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Hi this is Doug from maine. I just bought a bradley smoker and i am still waiting for it to get here so i can do my first smoke.Can any one tell me if my ham is done after wet curing or do i still need to reach a 165 deg. internal temp. during cold smoking?
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Howdy Doug and welcom to SMF. I'm afraid I can't answer your question but I know a few of the folks here will be able to give you great advice. That is what makes this forum so wonderful-All the friendly folks and their wealth of knowlage. If you haven't been over to the pork forum yet check it out and you'll find lots of great tips about curing and smoking ham. Again warm welcome and hopefully we'll be hearing about your great ham soon.
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Re: curing

Doug,I take it you have brine cured your ham?If this is the case you do need to smoke it until the internal temp reaches 155 deg,this is for a fully cooked ham.By smoking the ham you will get the desired flavor and color for your meat.I usually smoke my hams for sixteen hours starting at 120 deg then increasing the temp to bring the internal up.If you look around the site you will find complete instructions for the whole process.Sorry Im too lazy to type it all up again.Good luck,David
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