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A big hit

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Sorry I havnt had much time to post anything but Ive been working way to much.These 12 and 16 hour days are killing me.The boys at work started looking a little worn down so I thought Id give them a treat.I took a small bowl of pulled pork to work just as a sample and after a few of the boys tasted it money started hitting the table.So Sunday my one day off in a couple of weeks I smoked up a pile of pulled pork.It was a big hit,they were making sandwiches to eat on the way home as we left work today.I smoked two eight pounders for 20 hours and they fell apart as I was trying to get them out of the smoker.
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Sounds like you had a blast, bro. That nice of ya to cook all that grub up for your guys.
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Re: A big hit

Way to go David!! What a way to lift someones spirits-food always lifts my spirits too.
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