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Spring Chickens

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It was a great weekend for smoking here in NC MO. Ben and I (well mostly Ben) smoked a couple of chickens this weekend for a family get together. I rubbed the birds down with some EVOO and Old Bay the night before then went off to hawk my Pampered Chef wares the next day while Ben smoked them. I think he used a mix of Oak and Maple but I'm not compleatly sure on that. They turned out wonderful and I think we've finally got the chickens down pat. There weren't even any leftovers this time around which is always nice.
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Re: Spring Chickens

Nice job on the chickens Lady J & Ben. :D

I did something similar with Old Bay & oil this weekend with parts. I made a brine using salt, sugar, and Old Bay for some chicken, 20 pounds of leg quarters and 20 pounds of boneless-skinless breasts. They soaked over night and then rinsed them off. I've never attempted to smoke boneless-skinless chicken breasts and wasn't too sure how moist they'd be after cooking in a smoker at 350*, so I sprayed them down with some cooking oil before putting them in. Surprisingly, everyone that commented mentioned how good they were.
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Actually the smoke was hickory and maple. They turned out really great. All of the family loved them, and I think that I am going to have to do it again. Probally around the 4th of July!!!!
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