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Stupid question re: fattie

For a sandwich, is it ready to slice and eat or should it get a little frying pan action?
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I'm assuming, and I know that's bad to do, you just put this fattie on the grill nekkid or with rub and no foil, tray or pan. Just like grillin' a burger. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm going to try it. Thanks!

(Down here in the Keys, a fattie is something WAAAY different)
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Just take the sausage out of the wrapper and place on the smoker. In about 3 hours it's done. My personal preference is no rub or anything else.
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that's the way it's done....I place mine on some expanded metal so it does not get those big sink marks from the shelf, and I also spray my expanded metal with pam first...makes life easy for rotating the fattie half way thru and clean up is a breeze that way!!!!!!
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Saw Dutch's recipe and knew I had to try it. Unfortunately I didn't have all the ingredients. I only had 2% milk so I added a touch of sugar to compensate. Also no shrooms.

It turned out great. Just happen to have some left over Popey's biscuits.

I know what's for breakfast tomorrow!!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Dutch's gravy recipe

Well, it looks as though I'm going to have a great breakfast Saturday morning. I smoked some Choriso links (2 hours at 225 and they were prefect) and froze them, so that's what I'll use. One question: How do you keep from spraying the evaporated milk everywhere when you divide that can in half? Will a Mitre Box and fine-toothed saw work, or do I just cover myself with a big towel and use the radial arm saw? (LOL)
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When I divide mine I go to my local butcher shop and have him freeze it for me then I use my band saw. Then I have a wooden can holder like a bottle of wine rack to rest then cans til they thaw.
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Thats funny.

Actually i'm thinking of making this for supper tonight.
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You guys crack me up. I was gonna give a smarty pant answer of "Divide by 2". . . .but I'll resist!icon_mrgreen.gif
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This is my first time seeing this recipe Dutch, sounds great!
I have a can of evaporated milk just sitting in the pantry because I accidentally grabed it instead of condensed milk, just crossing my fingers that I have a frozen fattie I can crumble cause I gota give this a try.
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i just made some of this gravy, and man lemmee tell ya it's great! didn't do the 'shrooms tho.
great recipe!

i fried up some eggs and some fried taters and warmed up some pork tenderloin roast i made this weekend and smothered it all with this stuff! OMG!
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This is going into the recipe book...  Not a big onion person when it comes to gravy, but thought I'd give it a go as is and tweak after.  It was delicious.  I simply added some S&P and a splash of coffee.  Perfect in my book!

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Bringing this one up so everyone can see it again!  Sounds awesome Dutch!



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Originally Posted by brandx View Post

Hey Earl, I'm a New Englander, please enlighten me as to what "crumbled fatty" is. Out this-a-way that would be the overweight person who just took a flight of stairs ass over head n' shoulders. :-)


I Can not stop laughing...I needed that one...Thanks !

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I've been making biscuits-n-gravy with my smoked pork breakfast sausage for years.

Our gravy recipe is almost identical except we use half-n-half.

We put this thing you call "fattie" in everything from pasta of every kind, pizza, eggs and even wrapped it in a bacon weave a while back.

MMMMMMM BACON (slobber slobber wipe)

Writing fattie on the packages will be easier than "bulk smoked b-fast sausage".

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It is so sad that we up here have no 'Fatties' to be had.  No Jimmy Dean or anything like that.  Canada Packers has a Plastic wrapped sausage, but it about 50% fat and folks up here use it for one of the ingredients in stuffing for birds.  Up here it is make your own or use one of the different flavors of Italian Sausage that all the grocery stores carry.  There are few Polish stores around here, but all they sell are Polish type sausages.


I do own the book ‘Home Sausage Making’ by Charles G Reavis – Story books, Schoolhouse Rd, Pownal, Vermont 05261


TX749 R4         641.6’6        87-45094

ISBN 0 88266-477-8


So making Sausage is easy, as long as I can talk the better half to get me the needed grinders and associated stuffer and casings.  Will be a long talk and long time coming though.canada.gif

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Pops has posted up a very easy and simple Country Style Breakfast Sausage that has only 3 ingredients: 8 ounces of table salt; 2 ounces of black pepper; 1 ounce of ground sage. Place in a zip top bag and mix well. Use 1/2 ounce sausage seasoning for each pound of meat. Have your butcher grind up some pork with a 70/30 or 80/20 lean/fat ratio. A boneless pork butt would be good for this. Weigh the ground meat and add the right amount of Pops Sausage seasoning. ie: if you have 4 lbs of ground meat, add 2 ounces of sausage seasoning. Sprinkle the seasoning evenly over the top of the ground meat and mix the seasoning in by hand. It's taken me years to get a dedicated grinder and a 5 lb vertical sausage stuffer, I used a grinder attachment on a KitchenAid mixer for years.
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Dutch.....Pops Sausage is the bomb...and I love to make it too.



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