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Another Missourian

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Just a quick howdy. Fairly new to doing the work myself, but I have a great deal of experience at eating the rewards. :D

I am using a Brinkmann Pitmaster Deluxe, which is belching smoke at this very moment. Hopefully dinner this evening will be of the top notch brisket variety. Anyway, not much for yacking about myself. Great site, I have already lurked up several good ideas.
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yo ultra,
the show me state is well represented
on this jewel of a forum.

there is so much you can learn here.
there is so much you can share here..

so many good folks will help you.

this is the place to be.

go tigers!!
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Howdy Ultramag. So glad you found this site, like larry said it's a wonderful place to learn and share.
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Welcome to the Forum ultramag, glad to have you here.
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Hi Ultramag,
I wanted to welcome you to the Smf. I also have a Pitmaster deluxe so if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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