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Things are looking quite tasty over here - using the 3-2-1(ish) method on this site. Rubbed em down with my personal favorites, and now a bit over 4 hours, I think it's just about time to wrap em up for a couple more.

thanks to all.

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Re: R.I.P.

wow deserttoad

those ribs look great good job now i am really hungry
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What temp you smoking at, bro?
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Re: R.I.P.

Hope you saved me some of those beauties .... need to make sure you did it right. wink.gif
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Re: R.I.P.

Thanks gang, I've been trying to keep the temp around 225, give or take.

Did 4 to 4.5 hrs in smoke, then 2 hours in foil, and 1 more back in the smoker (no chips).

Here's the finished product.

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Damn bro! They look awesome!

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Re: R.I.P.

Fell right off the bone, they did - and it only took me 2 years to learn how to do it!

Learnin' curve ain't that steep, eh?


P.S. I ain't never had much learnin'!
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yo y'all
them things aint gonna rest in peace
if i can get at them.

they will be devoured
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Re: R.I.P.

Maybe that means Ripped Into Pieces!

They look wonderful. 8)
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Re: R.I.P.

Hi There Deserttoad!

Excellent Job on the ribs...You were right on the money when you made the decision to go to step two of 3-2-1 method...

When the meat has cooked to a point that it is shrinking away from the tips of the rib bones then it time to move to step two and wrap your ribs in foil...You can see this has occurred in the pictures you posted..

When I go to step two and foil up the ribs I orient the ribs so they are meat side down so that the rib bones form a small well and I place a bit of my mop in the well...finish wrapping them up and put them meat side down back in the smoker...It seems to really help the tenderizing process :)

But I see from your last picture that your ribs are definately falling apart tender...They look wonderful.. :D

ranger72 OTBS # 14
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Those are some fine looking ribs. You know, there are hundreds of wonderful things to smoke and all of them taste great (and according to Earl it all has zero calories). But at the end of the day, for me, it's mighty hard to get away from a fine rack of ribs. Good Job!
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Re: R.I.P.

Those look superb. I am now making ribs tomorrow.
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Awesome looking chow !!!! Now I think Im gonna have to whip up a batch....lookin at those really made me hungry!!! Great Job !!!
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Thanks for all the kind words - they sure didn't last long!

Guess I'll have to do it again, just to make sure is wasn't a freak accident.

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Sounds like a good plan of attack. I've done the same myself. And by the way..... it has almost always turned out in my favor. Good Luck!!!
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Way to go Deserttoad, looks like I need to do some ribs this weekend.
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