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New Style Kingsford Briquettes

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Kingsford Charcoal has redesigned and reformulated their charcoal briquettes for 2006. I was wondering if any one has used the 'new' stuff.

I have 4-25 pound bags of the old formula stuff left from last year so it will be sometime before I get around to using the 'new' stuff.

New Kingsford Charcoal
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

Hey Dutch,
I have used the new stuff and I kina like it, however I really did not have much experience with the old. I think it does last a little longer than the old. Someone else may have a different opinion, but that is my 2 cents.
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

The new seems to work as well as the old in my opinion.However Ive noticed at least in this area that a 20 lb bag is now a 18 lb bag.Also they used to have a deal with two 20 lb bags wrapped togather for $10.Now its two 15 lb bags wrapped togather for $10.I just wonder if they thought I would'nt catch onto that.Sounds like a shady bit of marketing to me.Ive always used Kingsford cause its good charcoal and because they have a huge charcoal plant here in WV.Theres a big hardwood industry here in the state and they make use of the scrap materials in making charcoal.Im still not happy about the underhanded way there selling it,lots of folks wont even notice the weight difference I bet.
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

The new kingsford is fine.

The part I find interesting is that at the local Home Depot, they increased the size of the bag on the the dual bag bundle to 22 lbs a bag (10 kilos). And they lowered the price to about $8 for the dual pack.

Now it's 44 lbs of coal for $8 instead of the old 40 for $9.

It must be some sort of regional marketing plan.

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I've used the "new" kingsford several times now and, to me, it works fine. That said, it may be my imagination but I think it heats up faster but does not maintain heat as long as the old type. I really think it peaks faster and cools sooner than it's predecessor. My $.02. And by the way, I love your stuffed loin recipe!
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New Kingsford was designed to please folks that grill.

Low and slow cooking the new formula has drawbacks. The charcoal lights faster not something we look for in our fuel and does not last as long.

I have found DuraFlame to produce the heat and cooking times of the Old Kingsford with less ash.

Royal Oak also has briquet out also that works well.
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

brett_s,thats interesting to me as I mentioned in my post here in WV they downsized the weight,Im not understanding.Also as they have a plant for making charcoal here in WV Id think we could get it cheaper although I dont know if when I buy a bag if it actually comes from that plant.Maybe a call to the company could get me an answer.
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

Jim, Thanks for posting the info about the DuraFlame and Royal Oak charcoal.

Fla. Bill, Glad you enjoyed the recipe. Any left overs?? :D
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Hey Earl,
It's just the wife and I now so, yes there were liftovers but only because of capacity limitations of the stomach..... really good recipe!
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

If you look on the bag of the original Kingsford, they tell you to slow it down for a low and slow cook.... like for brisket, pork, etc....

If you go to the Kingsford website, they tell you it is not designed for a low and slow cook.

I tried it on a couple of briskets, and hate it.

Go here if you want an unbiased opinion.

He also has a great write up on lump coals if you are interested in them. I found 14 bags of the old Kingsford last week, so I stocked up for a while. I am trying out some Royal Oak right now.

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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

:lol: Naked Whiz a good guy but is bias when it comes to Kingsford.

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Bias or not it still is good info!!!!
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

I saw the this article about a recent trip to Kingsford R &D Lab to tour the facility and do some testing on the now infamous new Kingsford Charocoal.

Looks like this was just put up on 5/1/06 and have not seen any reference to it yet on this board. Lots of interesting information and pictures

Too much to list so, a link in this case seems like the only option...
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That's a very interesting site and I really enjoyed reading the data on the new Kingsford. I can't argue with data so I guess my opinion that the new Kinsford heats quicker and dies sooner than the old is not a good one. However, it definitely seems to do so to me. I'm going over to the chunk type anyway. But, again, the site you referred us to is great input. Thank you.
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

I have tried several bags of Royal Oak so far. And it does real good, maybe even a little better than the old Kingsford. So for now, I am a Royal Oak fan.
I just hope they don't decide to change theirs now.......
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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

And Kingsofrd isn't isn't biased with their new improvement????? It sure looks like they are trying to blow smoke somewhere......

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Re: New Style Kingsford Briquettes

Grilling part works well. On my 5 and 6th bag now. Making my first attempt at in the fire box was real impressed just stacked them all up put Lighter fluid on a singel coal. With a nice 15 mph breeze all hot and ready in 30 minutes. Gave me time to prep two birds and a rack of ribs.
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