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new guy

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New to the forum, stop by to say hello.
Some of you may already know me. Been Q'n and competing for a while now. I'm the the president of the WBBQA and sit on the Board of KCBS.
Will organize 5 or 6 competitions this year and teach a few cooking classes.
I cook on WSMs, a Traeger mobile unit, Primo ceramics and a Klose offset.
Have a catering company to make sure I have no spare time.
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Re: new guy

Howdy Jim!

Always a pleasure to bump into you on the net. 8)
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Re: new guy

Welcome to SMF Jim, it's great to have you join us. I know that you will be able to contribute alot to this Forum (time permiting, of course). For those newbies, Jim is one of the Great Masters of the 'Que.
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Howdy Jim. It's very nice to have your experince on board.
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Re: new guy

You do get around.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks, will talk again.
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Re: new guy

Jim, great to see you here. Your knowledge and experience will be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome Jim

You ever get the feeling smoke travels in circles?

Good to see another friendly face.

Folks here are nice and friendly and eager to learn.

You'll add nicely to the group.

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Re: new guy

Scott and Bill
Looks like they are in capable hands with you two here, hope I can add something.
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Welcome abaord it is always nice to see another northwestern. Seeing as you are who you are, I was wondering if you happen to know of any good cook offs in Washington this summer?
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Re: new guy

I have 5 I'm organizing, one WA, 3 in OR and 1 in ID.
Go to www.wbbqa.com and take a look at the calendar.

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