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Pulled Pork Recipe for all

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Hello everyone,

My name is John and I am somewhat new to this website. However, I have been smoking for about 9 years and still have tons to learn.

I have been working on a complete pulled pork recipe for a while and I think that I finally nailed it. Attached is the recipe. I tried to be very detailed for those who need it.

Please give this one a try.....its good. Let me know what y'all think.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

Johnh, Welcome to SMF and welcome to the family. There is a lot of great info here to help you out and some great folks to bounce questions off of and get opinions.

Thanks for posting your pulled pork recipe, I'll have to give it a try! You'll find us an easy going and open minded bunch-We all think that we have the "best" recipes for beef, pork and poultry but we're willing to give new recipes a try.

When you get a few moments, please visit our "Roll Call" thread and introduce yourself to the rest of the family~Thanks
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will certainly go over to the "roll call" forum and put telly'all a bit more about myself.

I cant wait to try some of the great recipes and ideas that are on this site.

Thanks again,
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

Welcome John!

Looks like a lot of thought went into those instructions. Very well done. Only thing I would suggest is a few pictures. 8) Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

I know....I kicked myself for not taking any this past weekend. I will be doing it agiain this weekend or next and will be sure to take some pics.
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Those were indeed very thourogh instructions. Welcome John and keep the good ideas comming. I love a new recipe and this is one I think I'll try.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

I had someone ask about brining pork butt yesterday afternoon and pointed them to your instructions. Thanks again! 8)
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Thanks Johnh, I'm also a brining fan and will definately take advantage of your recipe. Welcome and again, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

John: Wow, excellent description and all. I really apprecciate all the tips and hints you give.

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Thanks man. I am going to do this cut of meat and a pulled porked for the first time.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

Thanks for all the nice words. I thought that I would add an alternative to the "Finishing Sauce". PG's post "Bodacious Ribs" has a link to some recipes that he suggests. I tried his sauce recipe on the pork and it was spectacular. Here is the link to his post:


Here is PG's sauce recipe. Once again, the recipe below is not mine: It is a wonderful alternative to the finishing sauce I described in the recipe.

The Sauce
2 ½ cups Heinz catsup2 tbsp soy sauce
4 cups brown sugar 1 tbsp tabasco
1 bottle chili sauce ¾ cup lemon juice
1 ½ cups wine vinegar½ cup yellow mustard
1 cup H201 tbsp celery seed
4 tbsp Worcestershire 3 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp coarse pepper1 can of beer

Mix all ingredients, bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hr. to thicken. Serve on the side with the ribs.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

So I did my first pork smoke and it came out pretty good. I followed this recipe to the T and it turned out. My only mistake is I've never done a smoke this long so I never checked the water bowl and it ran dry which I think caused the pork to turn out a little tough but once that sauce hit it, it was fine. Here are my pics going all the way from brined to sauced.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

Here's the rest of the pics.
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I am doing mine right now. I have had is going since 5:30 and right now it is almost 5 and it is only at 155. Hit was at 145 at 12. I hope this things starts going up soon I would like to eat tonight. :)
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

I used this recipe last week and it made AMAZING pulled pork. However, I did do one sacreligious thing. I finished it in the oven covered in foil at a temp of 225. I had to smoke it Friday night to eat on Saturday so I was going to need to reheat it. I put it ijn the smoker at 225 5PM Friday night and smoked it until 12:30 Am. I then used the first sauce mentioned in the recipe, I put it over the butt with a bit in the bottom of an aluminum pan, and set the oven to 225 and placed it in and went to bed (Had to work in the morning). Awoke at 6 AM to the most perfect pulled pork I ever made. This was 3 6lb butts. I had a few people over Sat night for Ribs and pork and they all were as full as could get and very satisfied after dinner was over. I know finishing it in the oven wasnt the right way, but I figured if it works for the 3-2-1 rib method it would work on pulled pork and it did, to a T! After 7.5 hours, I cant imagine the pork was going to take on more smoke anyways, and I just couldnt stay up all night tending to the fire. I believe it even got more flavor from sitting all day in the sauce and being reheated. People raved about it, and are still talking about it when I see them.
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Re: Pulled Pork Recipe for all

I have to say dinner came out great last night. I did not eat till a little after 7:30 with 13.5 hours of smoking. I have to say the pork was great but they sauses just made it. I just could not belive the taste. I also did the beans off of this site and for over 2 hours had then cooking right under the pork. It added a great taste.

These are some pics.

On the stove after pulled.

The spread

BTW do not get near the smoker when it is going I do have a gaurd dog to keep my food safe.

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Out of curiosity what do you all use to flip the pork? I used tongs but I didn't like it because it scraped up the bark. What's the best way to do it without disturbing the pork?
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I usually just use a pair of nice clean hands. The meat isn't so hot that I can't pick it up by hand and flip it real fast. If you'd rather use a utensil, try getting a pair of meat lifters to help you flip. The Pampered Chef sells a great set for $25.00, here is the link http://www.pamperedchef.com/our_prod...ategoryCode=KW
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I was thinking of using something like this. I figured it would clean up easily.

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I don't flip
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