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If you folks have never heard of or checked out www.grilllovers.com its a great site.
They have a ton of higher end stuff, somethings you cant find anywhere else. I picked up some of the gigantic champagne and wine glasses for a large upscale party I catered, (served smoked seafood) These things are 4 feet tall. I especially like the personal initials branding tool. That lets you brand your initials into the meat.
Check it out and let me know what you think.
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cool site, I really liked the recipes.
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Re: GrillLovers.com

I wonder if they would do a custom branding iron~ I don't want one that has my initials on it, I want one that says "MINE!" It seems that my boys have a penchant for wanting to walk off my MY food!! :evil:

Cool site-Thanks for sharing GC
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Re: GrillLovers.com

I know where you can get a custom branding iron 8) :

I got this one from Blackhawk Metal Works. The are located in Whitney, Texas. They worked with me though email and shipped the brand when it was finished.
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