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ring balogna

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hello everyone

doing five pounds of ring bolgna today and doing 15 pounds of peperoni for my up comming turkey hunt in oregon i am using len poli's recipe for the ring bologna and ps seasoning tex mex seasoning for the peproni the peperoni is hot hot hot but good you all take care

hello again
i just fryed some peperoni meat that was left in the stuffer boy it is hot wow but has a really good flavor.

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Re: ring balogna

Salmon,that really looks good.Ive never done pepperoni before but will at some point (so many recipes so little time)I looked at a recipe for ring bologna last fall but decided to go with a recipe for German Bologna which turned out great.I enjoy trying new recipes every year,seems like everything I try out I like.There are so many recipes in Rytek's book I have,probably will take the rest of my life to try them all out.How bout posting the ring bologna recipe,Id like to compare it to the one I have and give them a try.Thanks,David
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Re: ring balogna

hello david

lykens vally pennsylvania ring bologna
4 lbs lean beef
1 lbs pork shoulder
3/4 lbs ice water
1/2 cup soy flour
6 tbs brown sugar
1 2/2 tbs salt
8 tsp coriander ground
4 1/2 tsp black pepper grd
1 1/8 tsp cure #1
1 1/2 tsp garlic powder
stuff into beef rounds

cut meat into two inch cubes and partially freeze
keep the grinder parts in freezer until well chilled
grind meat through 1/8 plate
add all dry ingredients to the ice water and stir untill disolved
mix ice water into meat mix untill meat becomes sticky
refrigerate the paste to 40 degrees f then grind again with 1/8 inch plate
stuff into beef rounds
smoke lightly untill temp is 155 f
after smoking put into a kettle of 180f degree water until the sausage floats that way the casing will peel off easy
cool and completly dry at room temp
store under refrigeration
recipe by
Don Fasnacht

david i got this recipe off of len polis site the peperoni is the same thing as the snack stix i just grew up calling them peperoni stix sorry about the mix up
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Re: ring balogna

SC-Thanks for posting the bologna recipe! My new neighbor also smokes meats asked me yesterday if I had a bologna recipe-I told him I'd check the Forum and this morning I found your recipe.

Thanks again for your timely post!
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salmon can you share with us the web site for len?
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Re: ring balogna


here is len poli's web site http://home.pacbell.net/lpoli/ it is full of good info on making sausage and you can e mail him if you have any questions he is very helpfull and knows a lot about making sausage hope this helps
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