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Electric Smokers???

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Wasnt sure where to post this and I am sorry its in the wrong section but I kow it will be seen here. I have a Brinkman SNP Pro. Latley I have been thinking of getting an electric smoker (yea I know that goes against the rules, but I really need the convenience right now) what is a good brand for say 400-500 bucks that will hold plenty of meat, be easy to use, and do a nice job? I will always use my Brinkman, but I know I have a few times that it just dosent hold enough, so I figured the electric was the way to go. Thanks guys.
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I personally haven't seen a large electric. Doesn't mean they aren't out there. If you want convenience, go with gas.
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yo jk68,
i have a charbroil electric water smoker.
it has 2 raccks.
ican do 10 lb ham on bottom rack,
while i do a 12 lb turkey on top .

it costs about 80 bucks at home depot.
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You can also check out Cabelas for some ideas on what is out there, The sausage maker (www.sausagemaker.com) has some good ones or do what I did and build one out of an old refrigerator.
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Re: Electric Smokers???

You can look at some Electric Smokers here. New to smoking and needed the convenience too. I've smoked eggs, cheese, chicken, pork and beef since I got it and am pleased so far. http://www.bradleysmoker.com/home.htm
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