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Beef and Pork

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We had such a great smoke this weekend. Ben and I have finally worked out most of the kinks with smoker mods, rubs, sauces, etc. So we celebrated by smoking a beef chuck roast, a pork loin, and stuffed apples. We smoked the beef and loin with thin blue oak smoke and the apples with Maple. The loin came off first of course and had such a thick smoke ring when I sliced into it that you could barley even see the white of the meat. The beef was nice and juicy with just the right amount of fat. For dessert I stuffed some apples with oatmeal, crasins, brown sugar and a few other goodies and threw them on for a few minutes. Man were they good! I think the next step is an all night brisket smoke or maybe the quest for the perfect rack of ribs. Or most likely both :).
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Re: Beef and Pork

Yea I agree, the roast and the pork were to die for!!! I am really glad that i made the Mods to the ECB. I can not wait to smoke this weekend.
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Re: Beef and Pork

Ya' know what?? I think you two kids are having WAAAAY too much fun on the weekends!

Seriously though, I'm happy to see the both of you learning and growing more confident in your smoking skills And now you want to do an All-nighter!! I'd tell ya to wait 'til it's warmer at night, but then ya got each other to keep ya warm! :P :roll: 8)
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