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I have a new smoky mountain smoker. I have done a few ribs and pheasants. I will be tackling a pair of briskets and a pork butt. How many hours can I expect from a propane tank? If I want 15 hours or so, will I need to pick up a second tank????? This will be a spring time cook, so I expect it will be fairly warm out.
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That is a good question radar, I only have but one tank and I switch it off between my GOSM and my grill. I do have a tank gauge on my wish list for Father's Day. I'd wouldn't have to worry about running out of propane if my #1 son would just bring his 40 lb tank back to my house! :D

If you just top off you tank you should be alright.
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someone over at the yahoo great outdoors smoky
mountain smoker group told me that a 20 pounder
will give him about 22 hrs holding at 225 area
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I get around 50 hours from a 30# tank.
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I've had roughly 18-20 hrs from the 20lb tank.For me that relates to about 3 wkend cooks.

One trick I've tried (aka Alton Brown) is pour a large pot of hot water over the outside of the tank.The level of the gas tends to be cold and the tank sweats from the heat of the hot water.Its a visual thing thats easier to see if you try it

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