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Meco 5030

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Any thoughts on this thing? Does anybody else own one?! I would love some insight on this model and the pros/cons on electric water smoking in general . . .
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Re: Meco 5030

Here are some links that gives some customer reviews on that brand of smoker.



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Re: Meco 5030

Don't let the water pan go dry or your chamber temps will go up. Add HOT water to the water pan and DO NOT rely on the gauge in the lid. Buy a replacement type dial themometer that will tell you the temp. in degrees (check your local BBQ and Grill store). Find a couple of corks (same size) that are in good shape and measure the diameter in the middle of the cork and find a drill bit the same size. On the side opposite from the guage drill the hole for your cork. Pick a cork and drill a hole into it end to end (wide end to narrow end) that is the same size as the probe on the replacement thermometer. Insert the thermometer into the cork and insert the cork/thermo. into the new hole. This will give you a more accurate reading. Use the other cork to plug the hole when your not using the thermometer.
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thanks for the links Big Daddy, I hadn't seen one those, and I going to seriously consider that modification dutch, sounds like a good way to get an accurate read. I was never comfortable with the looks of therm on this smoker.
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