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hams in the smoker

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I just finished smoking the bacons from my hogs and have six pork hams and four bear hams cold smoking now. I will throw some heat to them at the end to add a bit of color. I'll maybe post some photos when they're done.
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yo pigsticker,
please show your smoker and the bear meat
in the pics that you will post!!

what else from bear do you eat??

is canadien bacon smoked??
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Larry, we eat pretty much all of the bear meat. I prefer to make pepperoni from most of it but some of my friends enjoy regular cuts of meat.

I really don't know much about canadian bacon, the only place it can be found, to the best of my knowledge, is the USA.
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Larry, Canadian Bacon is is made from the pork loin. Once it's cured it is smoked. Hi Mountain Jerky has a kit for making Buckboard Bacon (bacon from a pork butt). You can switch out the butt for a loin and make "Buckboard" Canadian Bacon. Click the link above to see the Hi Mountain Product line.
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Re: hams in the smoker

brother Earl D you have to have the some of the largest wealth of knowledge i have ever seen. i wish there was someway i could read all of your posts so i could make "The EarlD Book of Smoking Knowledge"

i have to ask how you cure the loin? i never knew that is what canadian bacon was, i have always been a fan on the loin so its no wonder why i have always liked canadian bacon.
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Re: hams in the smoker

Brother Buzz-Too many years as a Meatcutter~some things you can't or never will forget! 8)
The Buckboard Bacon cure is a dry cure which you apply to the pork butt for Buckboard Bacon or to a boneless pork loin for Canadian Bacon.. Once the meat has had the cure applied, it is wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in a container then placed in the fridge. The meat is allowed to steep in it's own juices for X number of days then it is turned over in the container and allowed to steep for another X number of days. X is derived from the instructions. It will tell you the number of days according to the weight of the meat. The meat is rinsed off and then allowed to soak before being smoked.

If you do a Forum Search for Buckboard Bacon you will find the previous threads on this topic (They are probably buried in the back somewhere of the Pork Thread).
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Re: hams in the smoker

Pigsticker: I would like to know how to smoke meat to preserve it for long periods of time, in warm to hot climents. In the event of electric power loss for extended time, I would like to be able to save my frozen meat. Any advice that you can give will be greatly appricated. Sincerly Jim Harris
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pigsticker, would love to see some pictures!

Earl, you should write a book, brother!
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Re: hams in the smoker

Welcome Jim Harris.
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