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Job well Done

I forgot to put the Garlic cloves in the mixture this time. I did 2 Tenderloins one with Mustard and one without. I only had to cut up one of them though as my cousins from Tennessee don't eat pork (I thought everyone from that side of the states eat BBQ!) so they brought a rotissiere chicken with them. It was fine by me just left me a pork tenderloin to go home with!

In Laws liked it though! I stopped by a Honeybaked ham shop and picked up some chutney to go with it.

For those of you who have not tried this recipe from Dutch I highly recommend it!!!!
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finishing sauce

just wondering if a finishing sauce might go with this, it looks great but i love sauce. what do you think???
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I wonder what that would be like with cajun smoked jalapeno and green onion wild hog sausage cooked like that and stuffed in that loin. On my list as of today!!!!
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Lookin Good!!!

That look great! Good job!
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I've done it. Had one of the day where half the family wanted a stuffed loin and the other half that wanted it with the Mahogany glaze.
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Where's the q/view?
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I'm probably slow but I'd love to see a video of you filleting that loin. I'm guessing its harder to do then you make it sound!


Hampton, VA

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Sorry, Dutch!

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Scott, sorry for getting back to you so late on this- I don't have a video of me filleting a pork loin but here's a youtube video of a guy showing how it's done. As a side note: I buy full loins and usually just cut them in half. The loin this guy is filleting looks to be a third of the loin.

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Thanks Dutch,

The video really helps.


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Dutch - thanks for the recipe, and the youtube fillet link! I just put a stuffed 5 pounder into the smoker, can't wait to dig in to it!
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How do I go about judging internal temperature on this loin with it being filet? I'm worried about overcooking it. I was planning on foiling for a couple hours to start off then using a cider vinegar/apple juice/lime juice spritz. 235 degrees is my planned temp. Any thoughts?
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Hi DT - I had cooled the sausage/shrooms/garlic mix, and the cheese came out of the fridge too, so just used the MES probe as if it were a solid piece of meat. I ran mine at 225 for about 4 hours and took it out at 155 IT. WRT having to foil, spritz, etc. I was worried about it being dry too, but that was completely unfounded - when I pulled out the temperature probe a stream of juice squirted out for about 5 seconds. The stuffing moisturized the whole thing from the inside out - it was AWESOME.
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Thanks for the help. I wrapped it all up yesterday and let it sit for about 22hrs. I'm cooking a Texas Pete chicken at the same time and temp. Foiling the pork for the first 3hrs.
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Everything turned out great. Used bilbos famous rub recipe. I used venison sausage and pepper jack cheese. Smoked it low and slow at 235 for 4.5hrs until IT of 155 with hickory. Sliced it at 160. Lots of quiet eaters.
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did I read this correctly... you wrapped the loin in aluminum foil for the first 3 hours on the smoker ?
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Ended up wrapping it for the first 2.5, put some apple juice, cider vin, and lime juice in the foil pack.
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DontThread-Did you get much smoke flavor on the pork? My concern with wrapping in foil at the beginning of the cook session reduces the amount of smoke penetration.
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I ended up with just the right amount for my liking. It's was still pretty moist on the outside when I unwrapped.
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I am Trying this weed end But going to try Corn Bread Stuffing instead of sausage, wish me luck

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