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howdee all found this site yesterday hope we share some smokin tips just put on a round tip in the smoker
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Welcome to the forum Jimmy. There's lots of great advice posted here all the time so check back often and jump in when you can. This is a great site that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Hope to hear from you in other posts.
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Welcome to Smoking Meat forum, Jimmy. Like Lady J said we have lots to offer you in the way of tips, tricks and recipes. Once you get settled in tell us a little bit more about yourself, your experience with smoking foods and what kind of smoker you use.

And thanks for finding us-
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sorry for the short intro but we just moved into a new house im painting ,smokin, on the computer, and havin a cold beer and it is raining outside. I have a brinkman gas grill and a wallmart type green smoker. I have been grillin for about 20 years
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Congrats on the move into the new house- bummer having to paint and on a rainy day too!! Used to do part-time work for an old painting contractor. I especially liked one of his rules for the job-Never paint on rainy days!! :mrgreen:
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jw, Welcome friend!! Don't envy the paint job either, but congrats on the new digs. Help us out with what you know, ask us about what you don't and make yourself at home, there and here!!
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