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need your opinion

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i just recently started building this a few months ago and this is what i have so far with the little time i have and acquiring material from work as i come across it. the grill is 100% stainless steel. i used the double barrel smoker idea. i have used the grill twice now and have yet to smoke something as you can see the smoke box isnt quit done yet. i am going to ad stainless paneling to the bottom to hide everything and put a door on the smoke box. i would greatly appreciate your opinions and comments on the grill, as i am new to smoking and am open for ideas. you can view pics at www.tdenterprises.net/smoker.htm
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troy, Welcome Friend and may I say that is one awesome looking cooker you have going there.

The one thing I can't tell if you've done or not is some sort of deflector plate over the tops of the tubes as they enter the cook chamber, to help distribute the heat throughout the cooker and prevent any direct heat "grilling effect".

Oh yeah, I'd add some wheels so it will be easier for you to load it up and bring it to my house! :)
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no i dont have anthing to disperse the heat but i will put some thought into it, and as for wheels i am definately going to put some on because it takes two guy breakin our backs just moving it.
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Re: need your opinion

You've got a great looking cooker going there! I'd def. second the idea of some sort of deflector/tuning plates over the pipes coming from the firebox... I've never used a double barrel type of smoker, but have heard good things about this design... keep the pics coming as the work progresses.

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WOW that is awesome!! Your weld seams that you show is some of your close ups are amazing. I've just recently started welding myself and I have gained a real appreciation for the skill it takes to lay down a nice tight seam, its a lot harder than it looks. At the end you talk about giving it a Manufactured look, but to be honest it already looks a lot better than most smokers/grills that are manufactured by companies.

Are you planning on running your smoker on gass, or charcoal/wood? The one thing I didn't see was an adjustable air intake vent on your smoke box.
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Re: need your opinion

ya i do plan on putting an air intake in the smoke box but im still debating on where to put it because i also want to use it as a drain when i wash out the inside of the grill. the smoker itself will be charcoal/wood but i was thinking of making the top half gas for when i want to grill (or at least the option).

y2kpit- all welds are done with tig. thats the only way to go if you want a clean weld thast can be polished.
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Re: need your opinion

Hi Troy
Make sure whatever side you put your intake on it runs the length of the firebox and right at the bottom. You will want air being able to get to all sides of the charcoal (i use a homemade basket). Hope that helps
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