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Re: Members Mark Propane Smoker

The following is my opinion on the Members Mark Smoker (2006) from Sam's...

I had been looking at them for a while and finally convinced the wife that I had to have one. I bought it, got the monster onto my deck via an appliance dolly and neighbor, and got it assembled. Before I smoked with it for the first time, I set it on low to see what the temp would be. It Was close to 300 at the chimmney. I called Grand Hall, and they ask if I had water in it...which I did not. (I may be wrong here, but I cannot imagine that water in the pan would have reduced the temp by 100 degrees.) They said it should be reading around 190. They also wanted me to try a different thermometer to see if the one in the chimmney was off. I ran it again, and the temp did the same thing and my thermometer read 280...slightly less than the chimmney. I called back and the new rep I got said they had some problems with the gas valves resulting in high temps. So I waited for them to send the new valve. After I received it, I went to install it.

Thats when the fun began. I spent 30 minutes disassembling the unit, and realized I had a whole lot more disassembly time ahead of me. (I am mechanically inclined) The gas valve is not easy to replace. I figured since it was new, I should not have to battle with it. So I called Sam's and they said to bring it back. So I carried it back and got a refund.

Then bought the Big block.

I think the Members Mark smokers are neat, but they do not seem user friendly when it comes to maintenance.

My 2 cents worth....

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Thank you for the report. I know of two others who are/were seriously looking at the Members Mark Smoker. I'll certainly pass your comments on to them. It's through sharing experiences and knowledge with each other that we can help to make really good decisions. Thanks again!
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Re: Members Mark Propane Smoker

I purchased this smoker at the end of July and had the same overheating problem. They told me they would send a new part and it would get to me in 2 to 3 weeks. Well the 3 weeks were up today so I called to see what the problem was and was told that the part was back-ordered and they would not get them until the end of September. They also told me that I was on the bottom of the list because the person I talked to the first time did not put me on the list to receive the part.

I don't think paying that kind of money for a smoker, I should have to wait over 2 months to use it. I also don't like doing business with people that sell something they know is defective and do not keep replacement parts on hand (Was told the part comes from overseas by boat). Needless to say, the smoker is going back to Sam's Club.
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Gave up on the Members Mark

Not to revive an old thread, but maybe I'll save some folks the troubles that I and others have gone through with the Members Mark Smoker.

The unit is a thing of beauty. I loved the stainless steel construction and thick insulated walls. And the size! I had plans of doing tons of 'Q for church picnics, get togethers - heck, just to keep the freezer stocked!Unfortunately, with the MM beauty is only skin deep.

The first time I used mine, I could not get the temp below 300 degrees. The chips (and small chunks) in the trays burned - even after they'd been soaked. I had the newer type of chimney and temp gauge. I made sure the water pan was kept full. Couldn't get it cooled down.

An 18 month e-mail and telephone exchange with Grand Hall ensued. The finally sent me what was to be "THE" fix - a smaller gas jet. I installed it, excited that FINALLY I was going to be able to keep the temp down on this smoker! My excitement was short lived - still no go. I finally contacted the Sam's where I bought it, showed them the many e-mails that had gone back and forth and they agreed to let me return it for a full refund. Even though it was the right thing to do, after 18 months I was surprised and impressed with the customer service.

I just got my Cookshack Smokette today, and will be doing up my first bit of 'Q on Tuesday. Standby for success stories!

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I’m sorry all you guys have had so much trouble with your Member’s Mark Smokers. I got mine late in November and had that same problem and I got my new brass jet in 3 days, and since then I have had no problem keeping my temps at 220°. I wonder what the problem is? I use mine every week, I’ve done ribs, turkey, canadian bacon, pork butt, chicken, salmon, brisket, in fact, I even used it at Christmas to bake cookies and nut rolls! But I still want a stick burner too! icon_cry.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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I have had luck with Jack Daniels wood chips soak them in water first and refile trays every hour and a half it will smoke and smoke it is a grate smoker I want to buy another if I can find one in good shape we use it fore turkey - pork buts and b back ribs it is grate keep the temp at 230 to 250 low and slow 5 hours fore b back ribs and 10 to 12 for pork sholder AKA pork but 5 hours for a 12lb turky we soak the turky in a brine over night you can look up brins on the net this makes the turkey mm good

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my smoker works great, after a small change.  poor smoke was caused by chips igniting. solved by making a drawer cover out of a couple pieces of stainless steel , cut and formed to cover drawers, then drilled to allow smoke only to escape. i refill drawers every 45 minutes. after meat reaches 140 degrees it will not except any more smoke, so you can stop filling the boxes. i always get a nice smoke ring. i also use a weber remote temp gauge., so i can hold cooking temp between 200 and 240 degrees. great ribs, pork loins, and beef briskit. you have to be patient, have a good book and plenty of cold adult beverage handy.  good cheer. tipigun

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We own 3 of these smokers, all the same Members Mark stainless steel propane smokers.  We have used them extensively, replacing ignitors, screws, bobolts, etc. along the way.  We use:  pecan shells; pecan, cherry, oak, hickory, plum, kiwi, hickory, mesquite, peach, and other woods in the two trays. We have learned to soak the woods, chips, sawdust, shells, etc. much longer than recommended by the manufacturer.  When the smoker is running on high (during a snow or ice storm) as we are doing now, you do have to change refill the two trays in each about every 25 to 30 minutes.  Usually, we don't have to reve it up to high, but can easily smoke at 220 or so at medium to low, changing the trays about every hour.  We have installed additional smoking "cans" in the smoker when greater smoke at the beginning is needed by removing the water tray and inserting cans with many holes (we used a can opener) and the original lid bent back over (we used various size cans--Bush's beans, other cans from canned vegetables, etc.).  We use the smokers about once per week or more with all going all day and all night for several days during holidays and feast times (spring, fall, Thanksgiving, 4th, etc.).  Previously we used numerous charcoal and wood smokers and none have performed as well for as long as have these.  We purchased ours at auctions for much lower than normal price and would like more, if the price (and shipping) is right.  We brine all our meats (as instructed by World Champ Myron Mixon, inject them all (as instructed by Chef Williams of Cajun Injector) and season all with a marinade spray.  The results will be world class BBQ as we are enjoying now (at this very moment) with so many friends and true American heroes (returning wounded military from Afghanistan) and again when we have our Spring BBQ feast in a few more months.

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Heck...I love this smoker!

I just by wood chunks and split them to the size of a deck of cards...they fit jest fine! As far as wrong temp reading...ya gotta keep the smoke build up off the thermometer probe, or use a better gauge. I have been using this smoker for several years and plan on using it till it's wheels fall off (and I don't see that happening for a good while yet)!

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What do these smokers sell for new? Is $200 a fair price for a lightly used one? My bro-in-law is looking for a first smoker so I told him I would keep an eye open for deals... should I keep looking?


Ad say's "~~Members Mark Stainless professional series smoker, used only a few times, works great, looks great , $200 no trades

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Seems to me when I bought mine...they were $780, then when Sam's couldn't move them they eventually came down to $450, at which time I bought one...still have it and use it a couple times a week...in fact I'm doing 20 lb. of canadian bacon tomorrow...I love mine!!

Had it now for probably 9-10 years...haven't had to replace anything so far...

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