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i dont know about your gosm on how to get temps down i also own a gosm but i mainly use it for hot smoking i use a electric home made smoker for sausage it has a thermostat on it so i can get temps down to 90 degrees if i need to you might try opening the door on the gosm just a crack and see if temps get low enough
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Az , I just made a batch of venison stix in Dec. on my GOSM , and you can get the temps down by turning the main control valve down to low and turn the tank valve open just a crack of a turn , if you open the door a little you can see the flame came down to maybe 1/8 to a 1/4 " high . I can get my down to 140 with the door closed , if need to get lower open the door a little . Good Luck !
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Great looking slim Jims Dacdots - You are the Slim Jim King!

Grizzly Industrial has a 5 vertical for $67 with 3 tubes 1/2", 7/8" and 1". You can buy additional tubes just measure the opening first.
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