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All around success!

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Thanks everyone for all the great advice given on Beer Can Chickens. We had a very successful smoke this weekend. Cold temps be damned (it didn't get above 20 all day and when we started on Sun. morn it was in the single digets) the boy fired up the smoker around 10 am on Sunday. The menu called for one very large roaster chicken done beer can style, some porkchops donated by our freind the hog farmer, corn, cornbread, and fried potatoes mixed with a smoked fattie, bacon, and onions. I'm hungry all over again just thinking about it. The chicken was fall apart tender and oh so juicy. The chops and all the rest turned out wonderful as well. I'm trying to get the pics off my camera and as soon as I have that accomplished I'll post the visual feast. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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For fun when you volate a chicken with a beer can the next time try it with a lemon in the neck or some use a potato (personally I think the lemon gives a better flavor).

This helps with flavor and also with making it go faster
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You know I thought of that about halfway through but decided I'd try it once without and then next time, and belive me there will be a next time, I'll plug up the neck. We did have a few leftover so I'm in the process of making a smoked chicken enchilada caserole for dinner tomorrow night. Can't wait for that.

I forgot to mention in the original post that I also made Dutch's Mahogany Sauce and if you havn't tried that out yet your missing out! It was a big hit.

I meant to have pictures to post of this wonderful success but unfortunaly my camera decided to have a nervouse break down and quit working :(
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Re: All around success!

Lady J, Glad you liked the Mahogany Sauce and I'm glad that your Beer Can Chickens turned out great for you.
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