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This is the way I do for cooking chicken leg quarters for parties over a pit. I set one pit up for burning wood to coals. The second pit with potatoes and chicken. Feed the cooking pit with the coals

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I learn something here every day.  What a great group of BBQ Enthusiasts.  Sure glad I stumbled upon this Forum icon14.gif


Here's a quick question.  Does Hickory grow in California?

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This looks like a great idea! I have been buying some lump coal as well as chipping my own maple, oak and apple. Since my in laws have a nice and full 130 acres to pull from, I will definitely give it a go. I'm sure you mentioned it, but do you start your logs that far up of the base? In my experience, that far off the fire box is hard to get to light. Love the design dude!!
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This is awesome!! I am sitting here "riding the temperature roller coaster" right now. I've smoked with charcoal several times before but this is my first time with an all wood fire. I had the "thin blue smoke" for about 30 minutes before the bottom just fell out. Getting it back up to temp now with a thick stream of whit smoke. How much will this affect the flavor?? I'm smoking 4 pork butts.
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I picked up a barrel that used to have anti-freeze in it. I decided to fill it all the way up with water and use the pipe wrench method to remove the lid to be safe, took me about 20 minutes with a mini sledge and the pipe wrench.

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