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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Might this be the beginning of the OFOSB ( Order of the Fat Old StickBurners) ?

The ease of gas or electric is what I call Popiel Q, you know, Set it and Forget it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It really does eliminate the need for expertise doesn't it? I suppose that's why the Q chains never use stickburners, they can't find the pitmasters to run that many pits. And that's why I don't go to chain Q joints.

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I believe its called Quanity over quality. Theres a small joint here close to my house and they told me that they smoke 3 cases of briskets with only 3 sticks of wood. Believe me it shows and its very dry kinda like putting a piece of cotton with a drop of liquid smoke in your mouth. But seems to be where there all headed.
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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

I still want to see some close up pix of your smoker "Hotrod"
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Dickey look under my wood burner
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I don't want to seem stupid (some might argue that it's too late), but I don't understand what you mean.
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In the left hand column...under "recent topics"...look for the heading..."my wood burner"...the mystery will be solved...
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Here ya go DDBBQ, behold the Hot Rod up close.

Hot Rod
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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???


I must say, that is one fine piece of equipment! I am fortunate that Mrs. SoFlaQuer likes to get involved with my projects (probably so she doesn't become a widow...LOL!).

I seems to be a very well thought out design. Next does the "Hot Rod" perform? Did someone do the Powder Coat for you?

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I was just posting the link to help Dickeydoo Jeff. I don't have anything big or nice around here. :(
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SoFlaQuer that little bugger belongs to me. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Ive got 2 friends that built smokers similar to this one and I borrowed one to do a benifiet one time and got hooked. Just had to have one myself and was head strong. Asked to borrow his smoker again and was told no( stupid reason but it was his) so told my wife Ive got to have one. She gave said ok do you want a big screen T.V or the money to start building a smoker. Well you have seen my choice( Right one) It cooks very good have made some changes to it since I discovered all you good folks. The paint was recently redone its not a powder coat. Everything except the hot spots has an epoxy primer and a high gloss polyurathne paint.
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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Sorry, my bad. I knew it was yours Marvin. I must have been checking and answering alot of Posts that day and just wrote the wrong name. Oops!

Still, a very impressive rig! I don't know if my Wife would have given me the option...............there'd be a WS Flat Panel hangin' on the wall!

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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Just because it is a crappy sunday out and I need a laugh.This is for the stick burners who remind us where our great hobby came from.
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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Actually, Sticks are traditional - but, I get it!

Funny stuff..............thanks for the Post, Coz!

BTW, in an earlier Spam Post, you wanted to know who to report this crap to. I am the Forum Moderator, by clicking the blue button on the top right of the page an alert is automatically sent to me via e-mail. Dutch, the "Welcome Guy" has moderator privileges now, and since one person can't moderate this site 24/7, because we've gotten so big, he assists me with that task (which I appreciate).

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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Thanks Jeff,I have reported a couple to Dutch.I have seen some great sites ruined by spammers.2 of what were my favorite fishing sites were ruined by spammers.1 site most of the guys quit going to because of it so a lot of great input was lost.The other site now you have to pay a $10 enrollment fee and it has to be paid via personal check so the site owner can verify your existence,so that site also lost a lot of great people.One of the greatest assets of these sites is the people who show up to help us newbies and when they get tired of the garbage and quit coming to the site it is a huge loss.I feel its up to all of us to help police the places we call home.
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Re: charcoal smoker vs wood smoker???

Honestly, we didn't start having major spam problems until we got so big, we ended up on Google! Years ago, when we were a tiny Yahoo Group (where us "Old Timers" started!) we got the occassional spam - but no way to moderate it - and you expect that on Yahoo. Type in "Smoking Meat" on the Google Search Engine, and we're #4 on the list!

Happily, we've come a long way since Yahoo!

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Just had to dig this thread out again, it's so helpful for new smokers that I wanted to use it again for my own young probie.

My opinion on wood VS charcoal is that charcoal provides a more consistant degree of heat,
Wood provides more smoke as it converts to embers but in the end both are just so much ash. (Or ash and clay for charcoal.)

I'm adding a photo of a charcoal chimney. AKA "Starter Stack" where I live.
Hmmmm, funny, the photo won't post. Sorry,



Barbecue, BBQ, Barbique, Malibu Barbi Q, or just Q, it's all good and no one should ever fault you on how you choose to spell it.

Do the Q, just do it.


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