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I Need your advice

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Howdy folks,

I need your input on the best portable smoker that I can transport to the lake for summer weekend cooking. Even though my big cooker is on a trailer, I can't pull it along with the RV and the other stuff I take along. I know many of you use propane/charcoal smokers so what in your opinion is the best one to take along?

Oh, I forgot, I need to be able to cook at leat 6 racks of spares, or 4 chickens at a time (lots of folks tag along)
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Re: I Need your advice

For what its worth, here's my .02 cents. Without a doubt, its got to be the GOSM. I own both the wide body and the 24" model. Both can be lifted by one man into the back of a truck and I've had as many as eight chickens in my wide body and still had room for some ABT's and a couple fatties for appeteezers. 8)

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Re: I Need your advice

Taking the GOSM along is something I'd be doing too since I own 2 big blocks. They don't need a lot of attention so you'd still get to enjoy the trip.
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Thanks Guys,

I'm headed to the Cabela's store in Ft. Worth on the 17th. I'm going to check out the GOSMs if they have them. I'm already looking forward to camping this summer!
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Re: I Need your advice

I've taken my GOSM on Boy Scout Summer camps and have be able to surprised the scouts and scouters with things like home made breads, cinnamon rolls for breakfast as well as using it to smoke or roast meats. I even surprised one Scout with a 1/4 sheet Birthday Cake that he shared with the troop. This particular the fire danger was high and the only fuel that the Forrest Service allowed was electricity and propane. Troops that came up planning on using wood fires and charcoal were scrambling back to town to get propane and propane stoves.

When using the GOSM as an oven keep the water pan in place as it acts like a heat diffuser. If you don't whatever you're baking will get burnt to a crisp. Been there-done that :oops: , luckily it was at home while I was testing some recipes for camp.
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