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I'd like to second Dutch's comments. Good site and great looking BBQ!!
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Re: smokeymountain smokers


Great job on the website, my friend! I'd love to have the recipe for the Jamaican Jerk Seasoning you used on the Pork!

So that's the Stainless Big Block? That seems just what I'm looking for. I hope the wood box is better than most of the GOSM's I've seen?

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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Jeff the Jamaican Jerk Pork recipe is on page 111 in Raichlen's book "How to Grill".

The cast iron wood box is bigger than the Non-Big Block model, but only a little. I think it's deeper but about the same size square.

Thanks for the compliments. Puttin' up your own website is just another excuse to cook. wink.gif
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Well, I sort of "snuck into" the WPB Sam's at work today, and all they had was the Member's or Maker's Mark (can't remember which) SS Model. No GOSM to be found. That unit was nice, but for $683, I could get one of KC Scott's "Fast Eddie's"! Still hoping I'll find one at a Sam's somewhere near by. Still lookin'!

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Re: smokeymountain smokers


After checking Sam's website, they don't even list the SS GOSM you have. A little web surfing revealed that the only difference between yours and the regular "Big Block" was the that correct? The regular BB is double-walled?

Also dimensions showed them to only be 36" tall? Didn't know they were that tiny. Your website photo showed your unit to be almost as tall as the 'Dera? (not to scale I suppose).

Starting to get frustrated finding a "decent" gas unit to back up Ol' Backdraft!

BTW, it is a Member Mark they do carry.

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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Z The stainless model is the only one that I know of that has double-walls. The standard black model big block is single-wall. I have a friend in Missouri that has one.

The body is 36" tall not including the legs which make it a little taller. And you are correct, the collage on my website is not to scale. If fact, that is a photo of my big blocks taken in my living room in front of the Christmas tree which I carefully edited to remove the background. So the individual pictures of my equipment have no proportional relationship to each other.

BTW, I've never seen the GOSM smoker on Sam's Club's website. I'd call to check availability it's faster & cheaper than driving. wink.gif
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Well, that answers a few questions. I figured you probably photo-shopped the prints.

Calling first is definitely in order, providing you can find a knowledgeable clerk.

So the search for the elusive SS GOSM continues....................details at 11!

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I'm really enjoying using mine. It is indeed the stainless steel dual walled GOSM. I'm afraid I'm not quite callibrated. I sort of messed up a bastch of jerkey today. I'm going to pursue that. Also, I'm going on a mission ...... I'll be in Panama City Beach tomorrow. I'll check Sam's there. Also, I'll stay on the watch. If I run across the Big Block Stainless Steel Dual walled GOSM smoker, I'll let you know. How about the rest of you.... help find Jeff a big block stainless steel dual walled propane smoker.
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Thanks Bill, that would be great! I'd gladly pay for any expenses it would take to ship it down to So. Fla.. I just can't seem to find one down here or on the Net. Let me know how you make out!

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Re: smokeymountain smokers

I was able to find a little info from Sam's:

Item: 174383
Price: $298.81

However, using their on-line product locator I was unable to find one in your area or mine. But I just spoke with Ruby at my local store and she & her boss are trying to locate one. She knows she can search inventory for all the Texas stores but is not sure about Florida. So if you call you local store they may be able to search all of Florida.

SAM'S CLUB 8157: 4295 45TH STREET W. PALM BEACH , FL (561) 687-0098
SAM'S CLUB 8140: 7233 SEACREST BLVD. LANTANA , FL (561) 586-9260
SAM'S CLUB 6637: 950 N UNIVERSITY DR. CORAL SPRINGS , FL (954) 345-3443
SAM'S CLUB 6341: 13550 W. SUNRISE BLVD. SUNRISE , FL (954) 846-7001
SAM'S CLUB 8173: 1900 UNIVERSITY DR. MIRAMAR , FL (954) 433-8867
SAM'S CLUB 8150: 3855 S. US HWY. 1 FT. PIERCE , FL (772) 489-0552
SAM'S CLUB 6217: 8425 NW 13TH TERRACE MIAMI , FL (305) 463-9384
SAM'S CLUB 6520: 5565 20TH ST. VERO BEACH , FL (772) 978-9385
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Thanks for the Homework there, Brother Bob!

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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Ruby didn't call me back but if you'd like me to persue the matter further I'll give them another call.
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

That would be greatly appreciated - Thanks for your efforts, Bob!

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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Jeff, sad news my friend. My store can do a "mass search" for stores in a 150 mile radius, after that they must search store by store. I was not able to find one anywhere in my area, and we check a few stores near Palm Beach with no success. :(

One store in Florida did have the more expessive stainless smoker that cost over $600.
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well I got my gosm big block and am curing it as I write this. I would like to get some recipes for ABTs. I've done them with country ham, and with cheese but would like some ideas. Also, what is a fattie or faty?
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Re: smokeymountain smokers

Hey Blue!

One of the greatest things about ABT's are that the recipes are quite endless. It's a great item to experiment with if you're good around a Kitchen. I know alot of people that use sausage with them, as well as Seafood. I'll see if I can dig up some of my recipes!

Let me know how you do with your Big Block. It looks like the elusive Stainless Steel Doulble-Wall BB is a thing of the past! I haven't decided on where to go next for a back-up cooker, but I'm checking out the regular BB. Like I said, I don't mind paying for quality, but the stainless model Sam's has now doesn't have alot of shelf space to justify $700.

Good luck with your new Cooker!

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