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Originally Posted by bwsmith_2000 View Post

I think I feel a country/western song coming on.

Yeah, but just make sure you get the smoker in the country/western song if your wife leaves you. But if she does get it play the song backwards and you will get the smoker back.

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Originally Posted by bigmeatsmokin View Post

This is a fun forum but this is a hilarious topic. I'm thinking that posting "the rules of engagement" of BBQ should be placed in plane view of the pit. Maybe in stone tablet form commandment style. Qualified with an "under penalty of death" disclaimer for the attorneys.
Jeff: will you let us know where to get them cuban 'gars hand rolled on virgin thighs? I'm pretty sure thats what my brisket was missing.

They are everywhere In Canada, but alas if you live in the the lower 48, the rules about Cuba you folks live under preclude from enjoying these smooth Cigars.  If you Know anybody that travels to Canada, tell them to pick you up some.

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They cost too much from Canada...


And yeah they can be had down here..






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Originally Posted by brianj517 View Post

I gotta agree with you there, Caj. Though Coors Lite is my brand of choice, any smoke session ain't complete without a cooler full of icy cold brew, no matter what flavor... :P


I digress on that point.  If I drink any beer, I am sick for 3 days.  Mind you, it never was that way.  I am the double nickel now, but when i was in 40 and below, I could drink it with the best of them. I have even sat with few of you Americans in bars up here and drank you folks under the table.  But these days, I do not touch beer.  Wine, Vodka and Rum are still good though.





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