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i hate to drink and drive too. i am afraid i will hit a bump and spill my drink.
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Re: Secrets to Great Barbecue


Let not we forget about praising the Lord of FIRE!
Remember, where there's no fire there's no smoke!

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man-o-man...ya'll love yer smokin...but I'll bet you're drinkin store bought beer...If you have so much passion for good meat, why don't you make your own beer too...buddy brown...
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I keep the list short for myself, simplicity can be devastating.
Blues, Brews, and Chews.
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You should add this to Jeff's E-course as apart of the newbe training. The real funny part is that you are right! I think this will really help me achieve that BBQ Zen status much quicker, thanks
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Smokin MoJo

Whel naw dhars jus one morr thang y'all jes gota be carful auv. An dats jus whut kina automobiles ya'll let up yo drivway when y'alls doing along smoke. I kin tell y'all dat eny numba a pickup tucks is fine. But chu let jes one danged ol BMWa, er evin one a them Jap built rigs on y'all's propatey an y'all kin jus ferget bout gettin any decent Q. Hell worse yet, jus let one o dem white buggys wid the lites on da top come by, jus one danged ol time, and dats de end a all de fun y'alls guna have fo sure.
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No place in this craziness did I see Bluegrass music mentioned. It fits with smoking just fine. I also lean toward "classic country" (the ONLY country) heavily.
Can't beat a comfortable seat in the shade with "something cool to drink", the smoker emitting the thin blue, and some good grass playing.
A good friend or two and the dog or cat add to the experience.
But that's just me.
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simply genius!cool.gif
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Great grab from the "Way Back Machine " PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Great reminder of what this forum is all about ( at least from this newbies point of view )

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It has been a long time! I can't believe this thread is still here. During my "sabatical" I have discovered a few more secrets...

Never let the brother-in-law adjust the damper while you are out getting more beer.

To keep from losing that BBQ zen state of mine, remember at all times that everything inside the cooker is very hot! don't grab it with your bare hands.

Make sure dog cannot reach table where ribs are being cut if you leave the area.

Smoke on brothers....

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drive-by ogglers

The main problemI have is the constant questioning from the neighbors driving by. It's always,"whatcha cookin'" and "when's dinner?" So... I got me a chalk board and colored chalk and post my menu and time of service along with a note to bring thier R.S.V.P. Now it's easier and I can continue to sip my Sweet Tea.LOLPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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First, I want to add my legitamate answer...
beer or drink of choice; It helps with patience.
music of choice; It helps with calmness
Bank cards with open credit; It helps the wifey go away(sorry ladies)
Good Chair; It helps with stamina
SMF; it helps with all the rest!!!!

Monty you are a home brewer?!?!
awesome yes I agree the que taste better washed down by something we made as well.

I am finding a lot of homebrewers on here, and I have 1 question....

Why isnt the beer forum used more often?

I will pony up the first post with a Hops bbq sauce recipe, i will work it out this weekend. We can smoke our own malts, we can use our beers for marinades, sauce, and beyond.
beer desserts? and a good brew recipe too once in a while. Hops growing, I can donate hops rhizomes to whoever wants to try, I can go on, But I don't want to hyjack this thread for beery evil.
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I have that problem too, but, I don't discourage them from dropping by for dinner, I just ask them to bring one side per person (I have a wife & 5 kid's). Next thing ya know: we have guests and a complete 12 course meal from nothin' more than my grille or smoker meat.

Yeah, sometimes it doesn't work (nobody out & about) & we have to come up with the rest of the meal ourselves, but then there's a bunch of leftover smoke, so, what do we do? Freeze, reheat & re-eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hah!!!

Can't lose, man!!!
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If I may add a couple of thoughts. A good book. Helps the time past away. A cell phone. Call a friend when you need someone to talk to without going in the house.
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General rule...no member of the cooking party or gallery may look directly at each other. All conversation must be from the side of the mouth, while looking directly at the smoker. You may however, if the situation deems it necessary, tilt your head toward the recipient of the comment/query. Just do not remove your eyes from the smoker.
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This is the first time I have seen this thread. What a hoot. The rules of the first post (slightly amended) will be hanging somewhere near at my next smoke. You know what I always say..."BEER, BLUES, BIKES AND BBQ" it don't get no better than that!!cool.gif
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I think what ever music you listen too has to assist in the the smoke ring. One rule from my favorite music, Blues is to take smoking some place it hasn't been before. I have seen that here with the new recipies for food or sauce. Second taking your love to work and spreading the word of smoke.

If I think the people I have invited are only going to show up when the food is done. I lie. It is the name of smoking and spreading the word and I like hanging with friends while the groceries are cookin.
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As of this January the Key West Cigar Factory was alive and well. I missed the Virgins rolling on their thighs while I was in the shop, but the cigars were fine!!icon_lol.gif
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I'm still smokin!  These are still true.  Darn this is an old one.



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Yeah if it is a country music song you would loose the somker to your ex wife.

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