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I ask this on another thread but will ask it here also.Does anyone have any knowledge about how to emulsify meat for making bolonga.Im making it out of a mixture of deer,beef,and pork.I am looking for the fine texture like store bought bolonga.Thanks,David
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Well, my first emulsified or as I call it (meat paste) came about when trying to stuff slim jim type casing right off the grinder (after spraying silicone on everything inside the grinder), what a mess.
I think if you run the meat through about 3 times ( 4.5 mm plate) it should come out emulsified, or paste like. Bologna seems to have a high fat, moisture content and that may help with the emulsified texture. Are you adding soy protien to help retain the moisture? I would like to try this myself David, keep us posted. BEAR
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Re: Emulsify

You could try puting it in a Food Processer (in batches of course)and blend it all together.
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I have heard of the food processor way as well.

There was at one point in time some attachment for a kitchen aid mixer that was supposed to work for this too.
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