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Fire Pit

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Can someone tell me what fire pits or good for.
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Re: Fire Pit

Well, I have a buddy that has a cantraption like this. We use it for Dutch Oven cooking on windy days.
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Ya'll can put yur tators in there wrapped in alum foil
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Re: Fire Pit

Id say a man could get a good get bed of coals in there,prop his feet up on it on a cold day and keep his feet warm while sipping on a good glass of sour mash.
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Re: Fire Pit

looks like a giant charcoal chimney
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I'll second the "feet propped up with a glass of good sourmash." That, along with the fine pulled pork that I just finished would make a day.

We had several neighbors over tonight and everything really turned out well. Right now, I'm just mellowing out with the sourmash and Q with some of Fl. Jeff's finishing sauce. Life is good.
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