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what is the diffrence between pork butt and boston butt?
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Re: Pork

i think they are the same cut.
different parts of the usa call
the same item different names.

around these parts they slice butt into 1 inch cuts
and call them pork steaks.

i grind butts and make sausage from them.
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Re: Pork

Duncan, Like Larry said, they are the same cut different name.
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ok Im Going to smoke one this weekend first time any advice?
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Re: Pork

Use a good pork rub, mop it with a mixture of apple juice and pork rub. Cook it to an internal temp of 190 deg -200 deg. and serve it up with your favorite 'Que sauce.

For woods I like to use a combination of apple and hickory (3 chunks apple to 1 chunk hickory).
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Re: Pork

i smoke mine until it hits 160 internal then wrap in foil and let that go till 200-205, at 205 it just falls apart
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just updating smoked the pork butt I had we had some friends over it was close to 8 lbs I smoked it to 185 internal. I also made my own sauce my friends said that it was restaurant quality food there were 5 of us and we had about a half a pound left. Thanks for all the advice
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Well the Seahawks managed to win this last weekend and now I'm on the hook to bring some meat to next weeks football game. Although I am certainly no 'hawks fan any excuse to smoke meat is a good one to me. After reading this thread I thought why not pork. fyi, This would be my first pork I've smoked

Just a couple quick questions...

Did you brime your butt?

How long did your 8 lb butt take to smoke and at what temp?

Did you mop your secert sauce on during the smoking, use water in a drip pan or did you dry smoke?
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I used a dry rub that I made and the sauce I made was Bar-B-Q suace that we slathered on after it took almost 12 hrs I didnt brine it. I used some apple juice in the pan I smoked it in and then basted it every hour or so. the temp was 225-275 I did have a hard time controling the temp because it was my first time useing wood for heat I use charcoal but i thought I would give wood a shoot plus I could get a bundle of wood from WM for about $1.97 as to charcoal was around $5.00 a bag. It worked out fine though. I would give the sauce recipe out but I didnt realy measure any of the stuff I put in it. Let me Know if this helps you out any.
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