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newbee here

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got the brinkman smoke'pit deluxe for x-mas, this site is awsome
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Hi Robert,

Welcome aboard the best forum on the net. You'll find great folks with tons of experience that are more than willing to help. Just don't be afraid to ask.

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Re: newbee here

Robert, Welcome to Smoking Meat Forums-like Mike said, this IS the best forum on the Net. We're glad that you joined us and hopefully, we'll be able to share ideas and recipes.
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Just smoked 1/2 of a whole pork loin (5 lbs). It was pretty good, but would like advice on getting best result. We have Brinkman charcoal smoker that has no temp. listing - just "warm, ideal, hot" so we picked "ideal" and took loin off at 152 rested for. 15 min. It was juicy, but almost too done. Didn't get a real smoky flavor. We used a Dijon/garlic & cognac marinade. Flavor was great, but I prefer a crispy fat exterior. For our roast, you really just wanted to cut off & discard fat before eating. We didn't want to brine, as looking for lower sodium content. Looking for dry rub & technique suggestions.
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Kosher salt, coarse ground pepper, onion and garlic salt.   Smoke at "ideal" to an internal temp of 140.   Remove from smoker, cover/wrap in foil and let rest for 10 mins or so.   Carryover cooking should take the temp to 145ish.   Slice and serve.


As for the lack of smoke, would need to know what you did.

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Hey Robert, hello and a big welcome from East Texas. Great site and lots of good people and information.


Gary S

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