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DENI food slicer

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Im sorry to report that my new DENI slicer that I was so proud of aint worth a crap.On its first use the plastic drive gears stripped out.I had better luck with the el cheapo that my wife got me six years ago.I would not advise anyone to buy this brand.I did not abuse the unit at all.I followed all thier recommendations but after ten lbs. of bacon it broke.According to them it would slice bacon with no problem and whenI called customer service I got an answering machine which has not called back in a week.Not to worry a friend found a deli class slicer on EBAY,maybe Ill have better luck.David
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Re: DENI food slicer

yo dacdots,
thanks for the heads up on deni.

on your grinding rig--
how much do u not use on a pork butt??

with a moter driven grinder do you still
hand cut and dispose of membrane.
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Re: DENI food slicer

Sorry to hear about your slicer, Dave. Thanks for posting the heads up on that brand. I am just now in the market for a slicer and over the next few weeks will be playing touchy feely with a few different types. Many years ago I worked in restaurants and was spoiled by the excellent equipment I had to work with. Look out wallet!

PS Saw your shout on the gardening forum! Can't wait till it is ALL there!
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Re: DENI food slicer

Dave, thanks for giving us the warning on that slicer. Having used professional grade slicers I'm kind of jaded about what I want to use.
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Re: DENI food slicer

Larry,anything I run through a grinder I like to be clean of any unwanted materials.For one thing there is an old saying in sausage making"trash in trash out."The other reason is that any kinda of membrane tends to wrap itself around the knives of the grinder and if using a small bore grinding plate it will clog up the plate.When this happens you have to shut down about every five minutes and clean out all the trash.Hopes this helps,David
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Re: DENI food slicer

hey david i know its been while since you started this post but i was wondering if you remember what model deni you were using. i am looking between a deni 14302 or a Chef's Choice 610. i dont want to spend a lot of money on one but dont want to get a cheep one either.

the problem i have found is, they prety much jump from the 100-125 range (witch are all prety much the same) straight up to the 350+ range.

i want to spend more then 100 but not quite 350 to get started, and as i get more into it get a good 500 dollar one.
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