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pulled chicken

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pulled chicken smoked for 3 1/2 hours with oak, put my sc style mustard based sauce on it and made sammiches mmmmmm good!!!

the ham went untouched heh :twisted:

its my new favorite

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Wow does that ever look good.

Have you tried this with a finishing sauce yet?
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Re: pulled chicken

i used a mustard based sauce on it

South Carolina style sauce

1 cup mustard
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 cup white vinegar
2 tblspn chili powder
1 tblspn garlic powder
2 teaspn black pepper
5 drops tabasco sauce
2 tblspn worcestire sauce
kosher salt to taste

Bring to a slow boil then let simmer for ½ hour
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SoFlaQuer posted a recipe for some finishing sauce I believe in the pork section that is simple and is to die for. If you make pulled chicken/pork often try this out it is excellent!
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Re: pulled chicken

yea i saw that...still trying to get him off his rub recipe's :roll:

i like mustard based on my pork and chicken, im not a big fan of the vinegar based

but.... if i am grilling chicken i will use a vinegar mop/baste
and put ketchup based sauce on to finish it off :D
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I like the mustard based sauces as well. Man oh man, crazyhorse...that meat looks good! And I like the idea of pulled chicken sandwiches. I think I am going to try that this weekend for Father's Day, along with the leg quarters and breasts. I got about 20-30 people coming over this Saturday!
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I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow.. I took out some boneless skinless breasts for dinner tomorrow and will try that sauce you list here. Pulled chicken sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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Ok, now feeling a little inspired. I'm going to use a bourbon marinade, and smoke the breasts... can't wait to eat now...

Bourbon Marinade (so good on beef!)
1- 5oz bottle soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar---packed
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 cup bourbon
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
1-1/2 cup water
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Hey Jay,

I have a sauce a lot like that.

I drink the 1/4 cup bourbon, throw the water over my left shoulder and then marinade the meat in the soy, brown sugar, lemon juice and worcestershire sauce :shock: ! Is that how you do it in MD? :?:
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:-) Actually, in MD, we put the bourbon and everything in the marinade, down a beer while the marinade works its magic, then for the water pan in the smoker, drink a beer and pour some more water in the pan. ;-) To make sure things are going well, we also drink a beer every few minutes or so to keep the proper perspective.
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that's a lot like we do it in Louisiana. I would give you a smiley face here, but since I started using imageshack to post pictures I can't use the emoticans. Thats why I do :D.

I got my smiley faces back 8) HOORAY!!!
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Oh man, that bourbon marinade recipe looks awesome. I have some leftover chicken that I did yesterday - pulled chicken sandwiches for lunch today!
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Re: pulled chicken

i love dem chicken sammiches :lol: :lol:
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My wife didn't think she'd like the mustard sauce, so went primarily with the bourbon sauce, but used some mustard on the side. She loved it!!! Crazyhorse's mustard sauce was a winner! The chicken itself turned out decent. Boneless breasts didn't get too tender, so had to pull more than like with a shoulder. It was great stuff though. That hickory smelled so good and now my house smells good. :-) Thanks!
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Re: pulled chicken

try leg quarters or thighs
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Thanks. I figured that'd be a more tender meat... it's all good anyway!
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Re: pulled chicken


If that mustard sauce is a bit too vinegary..try substituting apple cider vinegar for the white vinegar...then adding a couple tablespoons of butter right at the end of the simmer mellows out the sauce..

I've changed the mind of many Northern Folk with my Georgia/Carolina Mustard sauce....nothing better on chicken or pork.


3 ways to make the chicken breast more juicy...Brine, Brine, Brine

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thanks for the brine tip. I'll give that a shot.
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Re: pulled chicken


You know, I felt the same way. I then made some for my daughter. When I started the cook process of the sauce I smelled the aroma. Now I use it quite heavily.

Take care,

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