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Re: 1st Pork shoulder

Jeff, was just cracking wise a little. When I saw the reference to the "Tony C's and the condiment bottle" I immediately recognized where that recipe came from and was tickled to see it had made a wider circle than just your kitchen. No offense was intended.

I've been the beneficary of some great tutelage by some very knowledgable people in the world of Q, and if I had to give credit for every idea I passed along that was shared with me the way I shared that recipe with you, the credits would take up more space than the info in my posts.

Vinegar is a great finish for pulled pork and no secret to folks in the SE or what I call pork country. To the son of a ranch foreman, who knows beef best, it was a real upgrade to what I put on the table I'm delighted that so many have enjoyed it as much as I have.
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For a nice addition to pulled pork try adding a thin sliced onion. When I do a pulled pork (especially with leftovers) I add some of my favorite BBQ sauce with the meat in a saucepan or slow-cooker and julianne a yellow or vadailla onion then toss it in till everything is just warmed through. The pieces are big enough that non-onion eaters can pick them out and everyone else raves about it.
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Thanks for the tip I've got a little left over pulled pork from dinner last. Normally I just put it on an onion bun, but I think I'm going to try your approach for lunch tomorrow
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What BBQ sauce with pulled pork and SoFlaQuers pulled pork. I have moved the BBQ sauce to the back of the frig since I tried the finishing sauce
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bbq sauce is not allowed in my house since i started smoking. i do have a bottle that i bought and stuck in the pantry- where it sits, waiting to be used. i might add some stuff to it and use it up. doubt i will buy anymore though.
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