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Re: Christmas Cookies


So once again I failed to notice there was more than one page on the thread. :roll:

Bacon Bill. Chocolate bacon, that's whats on my mind. :!:
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The original pick showed dark chocolate

Bob-BQN tried milk chocolate (I think)

I want to try 3 variations:

Milk chocolate

I think all would be good
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Sure did. :D And I love caramel ... let me know how it is!
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Here’s a thought.
Once, when experimenting while making jerky, I used a disproportionate amount of brown sugar in the marinade, thus rendering my jerky more sweet than hot (in fact, my grandkids called it deer candy and ravenously devoured the bulk of it…course Pappap (that’s me) got his share, and I must say it was pretty damn good as I gnawed on it while sitting in my Loggy playing Robin Hood… (but I digress.)
My point being, if one was to make their bacon rub on the sweet/salty side, it might be kinda like eating a Payday candy bar. It’s that sweet/salty thing with the tastebuds, I’ll wager.
You could control the sweetness of the chocolate by making your own from dutched cocoa, butter, vanilla and confectioners sugar + a Tbs or 2 of black coffee (liquid) to thin it out.

Who’s gonna try it? ........................Hmmmmm?
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I have now been thinking about this for days.

Now I want to:

Smoke a chit load of thick cut bacon.
Cut into bite size pieces.
Dip some in chocolate.
Dip some in Caramel
Dip some in caramel, let harden, and dip in chocolate.
Ditto with butterscotch.

Then Up in Smoke chimes in.

So now I want to (while bacon hot, possibly pan fried)

dip pieces in a cinnamon sugar base
dip pieces in a adobo chili powder
dip pieces in brown sugar (possible double dip into chocolate)

I am sitting here eating chocolate covered macademia nuts (trying to put out the fire from the "Hot" peanuts I got suckered into at the 2/$1 tube of nuts at the liquor store check out.)

These macadamia nuts are packed with fat (okay, its the good kind, I admit) so then I thought, why not go balls out on bacon candy experimentation.

Am I wrong in thinking this? :)
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Re: Christmas Cookies

I think you're right on the button there Wilkat :D The only thing I want to do that you didn't mention is to dip whole pieces of bacon (not cut in chunks) and eat them like chocalate bacon jerky :mrgreen:

I may just do 1# :oops: .
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Oh, my-what have we gotten ourselves into???
Ain't this great?? :mrgreen:
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Most of the bacon i'm going to find is going to be hickory smoked or maple smoked. I'm not a big maple fan so I will be doing mine with hickory smoked bacon. However that is just the cure wood smoke flavor. What would you suggest to cook the bacon with? I have cherry, pecan, hickory and oak. I think some cherry might be tasty 8) Dipped in milk chocalate. :idea:
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Rodger, when we had the smokehouses, we used and equal mix of cherry and apple sawdust for our smoke.
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Re: Christmas Cookies

I bet it smelled good in there :D
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Chocalate coverde bacon?What have you people been doing while I was gone! O well Ive ate chocalate covered bugels (the chips) and they were very good so I guess bout anything in chocalate might be good.
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Yeah Dave, its getting pretty serious around here :mrgreen:
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great to see you back, and great to see bacon candy is what woke you :)
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Re: Christmas Cookies

I bought chocolate coated fritos at a bake sale one time. OMFG it was nasty! LOL
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