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Christmas Cookies

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Saw this posted on a site this morning, and had to run back here are post it.

It might not be smoked bacon per sey, but anyone ever try chocolate covered bacon?

I got to try this:
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Chi-Bill Anything with chocolate is good, anyting with DARK chocolate is even better!! Now what the heck is the RECIPE??!! :D
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I'm trying to acquire the recipe.

I'll keep you posted.

I was thinking trying it with smoked bacon, and milk and dark chocolate varietes.
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Chi-Bill, Did some checking on the 'net and found this-Chocolate Covered Bacon

I must confess, it does look tempting!!! Two of my favorite foods combined.
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Now, I'm doing this.

I had no idea it was more than one person doing this
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Hey all,
I'm smoking more bacons tomorrow evening but I don't think I'm ready to cover them in chocolate. If you guys try it please make sure to post it. Looks different for sure. Who knows, it might be good.

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Re: Christmas Cookies

Aw come on Mike, where is you spirit of ADVENTURE??? LOL :lol:
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Told my wife and kids about this last night, they all said Eeeeeewwww .......... recieved a 10 pound hunk of solid chocolate for Christmas .......... guess what I'm going to have to do now. :lol:
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Bob, Not that I EVER want to be accused of putting you up to something- well I can't resist it any longer-Do It, Do It, Do It, Do It, Do It, Do It :twisted:
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Sorry Earl,

I lost my spirit of adventure. Daggon, the bacons came out so good I just didn't have the heart to smear chocolate all over them. I'm sure it won't be long until I have a few more in the GOSM, maybe I'll try it on half of one.

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Re: Christmas Cookies

Mikey--All ya had to do was dip one little slice into some chocolate, no need to do half a slab when just a little taste will do. :D

We got a new candy maker from Santa this Christmas and the wife wants us to do some candy for New Years. Just might have to dip some bacon while we dip some pretzels.
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I hate to say it but your right about just a little taste, although, I would have thought of that, sometime, maybe. Next time I fry some up for breakfast I'll melt a couple of Hershey's kisses dip a slice and see how it tastes. In the meantime if get a chance to try it New Years let me know what you think. Really, I probably would have thought of that sooner or later.

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You know every time I cruise around this site and think that I have seen it all I am proven wrong and now chocolate covered bacon pretty much tops the list.
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Makes you think that the guys on here will come up with any excuse to roll out the smoker!
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Re: Christmas Cookies

I'm with you on that one Cheech. I check this site out at some pretty weird hours and I do see and learn alot. Every time I come on I get hungry I'm gonna be 300 lbs. before spring.
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Like we really need an excuse?? 8) :mrgreen:
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Re: Christmas Cookies

Gave this a try this weekend. :D

I took 3 slices of bacon, cut each into 1/6 pieces (as this is a new taste I made bite-sized trial pieces). Pan fried the bacon (sorry) and dipped them in real chocolate. I didn't tell anyone what kind of candy it was until after they gave it a taste. Well, although it was a different flavor combination it got a unanomous approval and everyone said they would like it again. <surprised> And pieces keep disappearing when I'm not looking. Thanks for the great idea Bill.
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Re: Christmas Cookies

No problem Bob.

But let me be the first to reiterate, not my idea at all.

Saw it on a food forum I am in that rates local Chicago restaurants. Group got together at a Bosnian place for Cevapcici. While waiting, one guy broke out the chocolate bacon he was working on.

That was the picture taken at the restaurant while waiting for the sandwiches (bosnian links on a special bread. wanna peek?)

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Re: Christmas Cookies

Why haven't I seen this thread before :shock: .

Did anyone actually ever try it? If not then get set to see it this weekend 8) .
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Which? The Cevapicci or the chocolate bacon?

Hmmmm.... bacon
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