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Another new member

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Howdy from Beatrice Nebraska!!

My name is Greg Nutsch

I joined the forum last week. I enjoy cooking in general, and I've been grillin' different things for several years, and even tried with some success to smoke some things on the grill, but hadn't gotten a smoker until about year ago, when a friend kinda gave me some quick tips and turned me on to smoking stuff. I sure wish I'd been able to find this site back then.....

I started with a Brinkmann charcoal smoker and had some pretty fair success with it. I've smoked variety of thinks including a 1/2 turkey, some chicken, a few beef roasts, a couple of pork roasts, and a lot of country style pork ribs (my favorite). I even tried some cheese in it (with some success)
I have since purchased a LP gas smoker last week. (The wife finds it more acceptable if I can walk away for a while and spend some time with her.) First thing I did was get some big thick chops to smoke in it. I even did some cheese in it this weekend (that was quickly passed out to friends with great reviews) and devoured within our household. I can't wait to get a hold of some new ideas to try. Unfortunately time doesn't allow me to get on the forum too often, but I check in when I can.

Thanks for putting up a site like this Jeff!!
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Re: Another new member

Welcome Greg. I know that you will learn quite a bit from this Forum, I know I did. When I returned to Smoking Meats, it was with an El Cheapo Brinkman "ECB" that was given to me-(Okay, in my case it's an El Freebe Brinkman "EFB" :D ) I also made the move to a propane smoker (a GOSM) and with the prospect of moving from "Renter" status to "Home Buyer" I just may resurect plans for a freestanding smokehouse.

I know you will find a lot of helpful information in the different forum threads. Feel free to add your comments or ask a question or two, there is a lot of fine folks that will be glad to answer your questions and share an idea or two.

Added 12/13/05-

Greg, didn't notice your avatar earlier-anyhoo here goes "YEEeeeHAAaaa, We got us another Cowboy. An this 'un comes with a horse" :mrgreen"
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Re: Another new member

Howdy Greg.

I have a couple GOSM propane smokers, a NB Bandera, a charcoal grill, a gas grill, and I'll be ordering a stick burner here shortly. Glad you made your way here. 8)
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Hey Greg,
I want to welcome you also. I'm new here myself. It's a great place with a lot of fine folks. They've helped me smoke up some pretty fine grub. I started with a small electric smoker but quickly made my way to a propane GOSM. I think it's becoming the second love of my life. Anyway, Welcome aboard.

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Re: Another new member

Welcome Greg!

Learn what you can, and share what you know!

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Re: Another new member


We've got to get you started on Full Packer Briskets, Boston Butts, 3-2-1 Ribs, Fatties and ABT's! NOW, your cookin'!!!!!

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Welcome Greg! Smoke On 

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