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Sausage recipes

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http://home.pacbell.net/lpoli/index_...tical_list.htm Here is a page I found with all kinds of sausage recipes.Hope this will be helpful to all you sausage makers out there.
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Re: Sausage recipes

I don't make sausage but this link received accolades on another forum:

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Re: Sausage recipes

yo dudes and dudettes,
a place with a wealth of sausage recipes who have them in pdf format is

give it a look---
i think you will enjoy
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Re: Sausage recipes

These are all nice sites. The pictorials on SausageMania are excellent. I just may have to retire the KitchenAid grinder attachment and build me a motorized one. :D My wife says that if I write down any more "Must Do" projects, I'll have to quit my day job just to get everything done. :mrgreen:
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Re: Sausage recipes

yo bob dude,
here is a place that has some great recipes.

the owner of this web page is also a fellow member here.

no kidding,
he has a couple of recipes that i have moved to
the top of my must try list.


i luv this place and his is great also
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